Burfday Fairy’z Burfday Prezzee

ohai evreewun, heer is teh burfday fairy wif a VERY SPESHUL ANNOWNSINGMINT:

many ob yoo haz had a wundering, Wen iz teh burfday fairy’s burfday? well, i will telling yoo, it iz dis very munf, in Nomember! (i will not sez teh eggsack date, becawz taht mite gibbing away my Sekrit Idenity, an tehn it wuld not being a sekirt any more, an wut iz teh poynt ob habbing a Sekrit Idenity if it iz not being a sekrit?)

sinse it iz being my burfday dis munf, i wuld aksing for a very speshul prezzie. i not needs toyz an goodies; i haz a hole facktree ob my very own to making thoze fings!! but if yoo haz enjoyed a taysty burfday caek, or a goodie bag full ob toyz, or a eggsiting game ob trol-hed crokay, yoo kan doing dis for me: yoo kan making a donayshun to a aminlol shelter or reskyoo ob yor choyse during Nomember! if yoo not haz a munnie, yoo kan gibbing old towls, fuds, eben yor time!! (or aksing prysma-kitteh or romeow, hoo haz eggsperience in shelter, wut wuld be gud to gib) it will make teh burfday fairy’s hart happy to kno taht sum more innosint homeless aminlols are being helpinged!

fank yoo!


5 thoughts on “Burfday Fairy’z Burfday Prezzee

  1. fankees fur yur jinerossity tew teh shelters, an a happy burfday tew yoo! Haz 3 reskyoo kittehs myself, 2 from teh streets, an won from teh shelter, an awl is spayed, neutered an shot! iz a little tite heer rite naow, but! will find somefin, dere iz a change can in teh kitchen ai culd take tew teh bank an cash owt, an sum towels, fur shoor! Peas tew yoo an yours awn yur happy day!

    • oh, deerest sunnyhuckle, i knows yoo an yor trOll haz so many needs an so liddle to go rownd, it gibs me a happy taht yoo haz gibbed a gud home to three kittehs! i will not talk yoo owt ob making wuteber sakrifise yoo feels to make, but teh twols an teh lubs for yor kittehs iz plenty enuff! if evreewun did wut yoo haz done, taked in teh kittehs tehy kan care for an taking gud care ob tehm like yoo, tehr wuld be no need for teh shelters!

      luvs an hugz an schmooz to yoo and yor trOll,

      burfday fairy

  2. {{{burfday fairy}}} Iz standing in complete awe of ur unselfishness! U is teh admirablol! I b wishing u a berry happy birfday and mennee mennee to cum! Iz nawt shure teh jermin shelters take NEfing otter than munnees, butt I’ll c whut I kin do! I kin mebbe spare a dime oar 2! And I does teh kibbles, which is such a grate idea! I was berryberry shocked that there b shelters that does the euthanasia (Ifinkso it was P-K who tawked abowt it). Berryberry sad. Ifinkso it nawt b legal in Jermanee. At leest I berry much hope so! Fanku foar raising teh awareness agin!

  3. I will do just that! A donation to my local SPCA….not to mention a box full of old towels and blankets that they are always in need of! What a grand way to celebrate your birthday!!

  4. {{burfday fairy}} Wee wus adoptified by a noo bc kitteh frm a loclol animlol shelter last weke adn ai jst wanted tu lett yu kno dat wee gave a littlol bit extra in owr doptification fee in onor uf yu. now our noo kitteh, Moxie, has a noo furebber home adn teh uffer shelter kittehs dat we cud nawt home *sniff* habs a littlol extra monnees tu. Happee burfday tu yu! {{burfday fairy}}

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