honeycakerabbit’z bunneh

Ohai! I has a bigbigbig releeved!

Whin I saw ma bunneh nawt hoppity-hop arownd and I sawed awn teh interwebs that there b sum badbadbadpleh neurological disease cawsed by sum nasty parasite (E.cuniculi) that sumtimes starts wif teh hind legs beein dragged along and is offen nawt curable, I had suuuuch a skared. And then awn fridegg I foned teh vet asking foar ‘pointment and him said “beddur cum 2day”. So I hadda berryberry skared. Butt DrTinyBunneh sed it b orfo…orpoth…bone-problum, nawt infekshus. Pheeeeew. Ma baby be habbing spinal disc problum. Cum awn, whut rabbit has teh spinal disc problum? Her nawt b walking uprite awl day as we are! (at leest Ifinkso :D U nebbur noe whut ur rabbits do while uz werking…) Is teh weeeerd. Butt mebbe treateble. Her b getting teh anti-payn-anti-inflammashun-meds (nao her no liek me NEmoar. “Bein picked up to b given teh meds ebbry day is teh PLEH”, her b sayn. “I r nawt tawking to u NEmoar”. Her will git over it, ifinkso! :-) ). Mebbe halps. Mebbe nawt. Butt DrTinyBunneh said eeven if nawt, her kin liv wif it. Ifinkso him b rite. We’z all gitting owld sum day and nawt happihippetyhop so much NEmoar, butt we still kin has teh happy lief, oh yesh! So whutebbur gonna happen, I has a happy that mah littlol girl b having menne menne years to cum! YAY!

Fanku awl soooooooo much foar teh beems! U c it halped! And awl teh hugs! Halped maik ma fear go smaller!


3 thoughts on “honeycakerabbit’z bunneh

  1. {{{{{{{honeycakerabbit & bunneh}}}}}}}
    *sending beems an moar beems*
    ai haz a happy fur yoo an yur bunneh! teh bunnehs is so sweet, my dotter had won wons and wuz pyoor pleasure! They iz so loving an sweet! am so happy taht iz gonna be okay! schmooz!

  2. good luck wiff teh bunn-bunn, honey! My bff’s owld Corgi dawg had serjery today 2 tayke out a toomer, which, luckily is ‘tached 2 hurr spleen, which can be re-movified, and knot 2 teh intestinies or such. I wuz dawg sitting hurr cuz hurr mom and dad (my frenz) R staying at teh Marriott wayting 4 hoam repares. Teh goggie wuz sew INERT! I fawt “she’s juss owld”, butt now, wii found owt about teh toomer, she will get bedder and liff moar yrs! Is so hard winn R petz git owld and sikk! git well bunneh !!! {{{{{{{{bunneh}}}}}}}}}}}

  3. Hooray for good news!!! We were all worried about her…time to celebrate…or would your bunny disapprove, lol????!!!

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