jennybookseller am a Book Riter

jennybookseller says:

Hi everybody! So excited! Finished my cat-based juvenile novel and have sent it off to an agent. Wish me luck! Oh, and it’s set in a used bookstore that fosters shelter cats. Books and cats are my thing, so I put all that love into the book. Also parallels a foster child with the cat fostering program. Trying to promote both.


2 thoughts on “jennybookseller am a Book Riter

  1. Yayez 4 U, Jennybookseller, on yore werk, and gud lukks wiff teh publishifying! Minny peepz lyke 2 reed books about kittehz (and uzzer animules)–ai redded and reebued a fue ob dem dis past yere. Yeah 4 Kitteh Storeez! Yeah 4 Fostering! Yeah 4 Kittehz adn fore Kiddletz, 2!

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