HappeeTaylz fur Bluesfan473

oooooo……. luk wut I fownded in mai emayo dis moarning!!!

My job situation continues in all it’s craziness, but there has been some more improvement! Last month they were plotting to shove us out the door with both hands, now orders have increased to the point where they are actually calling back a few folks who were caught in the last layoff back in February! They are calling these peeps “permanent temps”, they get all their benefits but are only being promised work until March, then the situation will have to be re-evaluated. Still, it’s a good sign and a Godsend for the folks who haven’t found anything else yet. And though this sounds selfish, it’s good for me too because when or if it comes to a workforce reduction again, well, the dynamic has changed a bit with additional workers there and would have to be refigured out again.


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