Gud Nooz fur Jeremy adn WRr

Jeremy says:

Ohai, frens! *waves to all* I haz great noos!!! Mai fren(aksully, her mawm) who lostified King teh udder dai has adoptified a noo kitteh!!! He ish two months old, and ish an orange tabby…almost liek King wuz. Mai fren gawt him tu her mawm’s haus and he popped right out uf teh box as if he wuz sayin “Ohai, mawm!” tu himz noo owner. She is berry happee!!!
*runs in circlols* Yaaaaaaay! *stawps foar a minute to activate mai JDS(Jewel Defense System), den maeks moar runnin’* Dis is gud exercise. Phew!!!

  • catena says:

    datz elebentee :smile: ’s!

  • Dat beez grayte gnuz, Jeremy!

    Hao u iz? Hao beez Jewel?

    • Jeremy says:

      Ai are gud!! Dr. Tinycat sez my blud sugar ish almost normal, and iffen ai can lose 60 moar pounds, ai will be free frum diabeetus!! Sounds liek a Noo Years Res…Resol….Goal foar meh!!

      Jewel is great, too….Ai hope tu be takin’ her to get fixed dis Sunday so she will haz no moar cat-erwauling when she is in heat.

      Nao, ironically enuf, ai am goin’ tu maek myself a cheezburger. I akshully CAN haz wun!! :D

      • lunarmommy says:

        so much gud nooz!! teh bestest kyoor for teh hole in teh hart lefted wen a kitteh goze to teh bridj iz a noo kitteh, ifinkso.

        an i am glad yor diabeetus iz getting better!! yoo do gud a loozing teh ovver pownds so yoo kan beez helfy!! hope evreefing goze gud wif jewels’ sir jury, yoo iz gud kitteh-daddeh :)

      • Gud nooz Jeremy. Mai visit tu Dr Tinycat wuz gud tudai too. Ai onlee need haf teh diabetes medy sin Ai gotted befor.

        Onlee fing wuz Nurs Stikksdem wuz hazzing teh pleh dai adn needed foar triz tu poke teh hole in teh vein tu draws teh bluds.


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