Play Nies!!

Deer frenz,

Last nite while I wuz happily playing on deh last lol uv deh day, I saw Admiral Apparent had maded a comment on wun uv deh older lolz.  I went ober tu see wut hii wuz saying, and I fownded dis:

MelONyx says:
November 19, 2009 at 9:38 am

Yoo kan nawt get a halp fur mii, kitteh.
I hab fawlen tu teh floor in aaaawwww! of ur byootiful bloo fur, adn wif awl admirayshun uv ur lubblee, lawng, aristocatic fays.
Bloos r byootiful!

Aahz says:

November 19, 2009 at 9:48 am
Ohai Mel!

5 eagles says:
November 19, 2009 at 9:50 am

I am not himy, in fact I am very generous.

Admiral Apparent says:
November 19, 2009 at 3:10 pm

I don’t know where to begin. Aahz wrote “Ohai MEL”, not “Ohai ME”. I bother to make this point because it is clearly the trigger for your derogatory, stereotype perpetuating, hateful comment. The word you tried to spell is “hymie”.

The name Hymie denotes no particular ill meaning, but it is used exclusively as a derogatory name and thus connotes ill intent. You didn’t stop there, however, you made it very clear you intended to hurt and perpetuate a hateful stereotype that Jews are miserly or uncharitable.

Explain yourself.

The people that make this place their home are too kind to make a fuss at your offensive remark, but I have no doubt many people raised an eyebrow when they read your offensive words. You have posted crap like this several times on Failblog and you have been called on it. Now you are bringing your racial intolerance to Lolcats. If you keep this up you won’t be welcome here, either.

In your mind it is always the fault of someone else. It’s not. It’s you.

My apologies, cheezfriends…I simple cannot let crap like this slide.

Dragonwriter says:
November 19, 2009 at 3:26 pm

We’ve had Emily ban people at Failblog for less.
Just say the word and I’ll make it happen.

Well, I must say, I wuz berry sad tu see dis.  Adn I lefting a response fur 5 eaglez remindering him dat ower only rule heer iz tu playing nice.  He rote a reply which I wish now dat I had copyed, because I awlso roted tu deh Cheeziz tu telling dem uv himz racist comment.  And dey haz removified hiz reply along wif deh original offensive comment.

But, his reply basically sed  “i’m sorry if i offended you but i awlwayz tawk dis way adn it shudn’t offend u if u iz not a jew.”  In mai book, dat iz not an apology. While I b willing tu gib peepz a sekkund chantz, I expecting a reel apology b4 I b willing tu accept 5 eagles bak in Cheezland.

U kin seeing moar follow upz tu dis conversation at

Peepz, wut makez Cheezland such a wundermus plais tu play iz dat wen wii kumz heer, we park ower prejudices at deh door.  Wii welkumz awl peepz, adn dat meenz wii kannot b casting aspershunz on anywun oar any group bkuz uf race, religion, gender, ethinicity, political views or sexual orientation.  Wii dun’t uze offensive turmz.

Ower onlyest rule iz tu play nice.  Wen u only haz wun rule, u must enforceing it wif a feersness, adn wii due.  Ower frenz frum Fail Blog b telling us dis iz not 5 eaglez furst incident uv online racism adn/or sexism.   Dere b sitez online fur dat kind uv hatered, but Cheezland iz not wun uv dem.  Cheezland iz ower own liddlol Utopia, whare peepz frum awl ober deh whirrld kan kum and play adn b safe.


14 thoughts on “Play Nies!!

  1. Are yu sure dat Solnester guy isn’t dis persun IRL??? First, when I red it…it wuz Aahz sayin OHAI to MelONyx….and the “himy” reply wuz an obvious trunkashun of Himalayan breed of kitteh…how sad dis persun hat to go trollish…..sheesh!

  2. ohai – wel dat splainifies et (da beeg tudue wif da failpeeps awn da lol) eye meen..
    ai sawd 5eegols kawmint et da tiem an deed nawt unnerstan – thawt wuz typo oar jist da fakt da lawts ob hims kawmints deed nawt alwais maik scents tu meh.
    ai haz scene him awn da failblog befro an new he had trubbles wif sum dere.
    Cween yu iz rite nawt tu askept hims “pollogee” – wuz nawt an pollogee atoll.
    Alwais sooprises meh dat peep kin bee soe dinse finkin dere bigotrees kin onlee fend da peeps dey iz slamin………butt iffin dey reeli hadd ani scents dey wud relize hao stoopee dey iz an nawt sey soch fings .
    crazyoldlady duz haz an pointe bowt 5 eeglols mehbe bean judson/solnester…….5eeguls did pear awn lolcats bouts da saim tiem judson sed faretheewel an grate beeg FU tu ebrywun………judson postid wunce (lawged awn tu rong profile bi aksident mehbe?) jist da udder dai tew – maiks me wunner iffin 5eeguls wuz solnesters replaismint fro failblog postin an he jist yoosed dat wun wen judson “left”? iz pawsiblol……….. ohwell noe grate loess IMO

    • I really don’t want to step on any toes here but it seems counter productive to speculate on anyone’s identity. We have no way to know. For all anyone knows I could be Judson/solnester. I’m not..but…. well, you get my point.

      The whole arguement makes me so sad. I have completely lost track of who owes whom an apology or indeed if anyone owes one at all. I never hang out on any of the so called ‘social networking’ sites because of the fighting and arguing. Lets not let cheeseland devolve into something like that. Can we just call the whole thing an unfortunate incident and let it go? Please? Pretty please with ice cream and sprinkles on it?

      Yours in cheesyness,


  3. “Himalayan” kitteh??? wha? rasicm aginst kittehz? did I miss sumpfing? O well, jusst as well. Troothfully, ai offin naught unnderstand 5-fevvers comments, and am onlee juss now reeding dis stuff frum teh “lassie” lol. I hassa reeely big sad a bout awl teh fiting.

    I nebber met Judson, (tho I hurd heez not a nun), and nebber saw NE “FU” frum him. Butt heez bin nyse 2 mii. And it reeelly hurts 2 fink that wii wood be trying 2 peace togevver ebbedense against a cheezpeep, or NE odder peep dat tehy is bad or ebil, as it seems here. Y oh Y wood wii wanna fink ebil ob won anudder?

    Pleez forgibbs, mii, Debbie and Willyboy, maybee it’s jusst mii, butt it wood just killify mii if peepz were tawlking about mii in such a way az dis, trying to peace togevver fings 2 proob dat I is bad.

    I iz knot bad, butt I iz sad.

    {{{{{{{{{Debbie, BF, WB, SnE, and ebberywon}}}}}}}}}}
    and for that matter {{{{[[}}}}}}}}} 2 those pore peepz hoo has predidices and hate which keeps them from letting goodness and love into their hearts and lives.

    *gibbs bakk peaz and lubb 2 awl*

    • {{{{{{{{{kitkay}}}}}}}

      ai doan fink yu wud be kapablol ob duein anifing dat wud maek peeps tawk bowt yu inna badd wai………

      ai sawri iffin wut ais sed offindid yu (an BF too) ………..

      jist seamed tu meh liek an beeg koinkeedinse dat 5eeguls showd upp rite aftur judson “left”

      *shrug* hoo noes – iz nawt relli importint iff et iz judson anihoo

      schmooes awl

    • {{{{kitkay}}}}

      taht bee jus wat ai wuz trine tew git at, tho ai nawt eggspress it bery wel, wii kud deeside it wuz aneewun at awl iffen wii wantd tew, taht duzznt maik it troo….an ai agree, ai wud feel awful iffen peeps wuz sayin sumfin bowt meh an meh nawt haz chanse tew defend maiseff.

      Haz a hoap it wil awn blow ober an wii awl bee frendz agin ♥

  4. Oh hai peepz…. I just want tu saying dat 5 eaglez is 5 eaglez, hii iz not Judson. Awlso, I went tu himz profile adn askinged him tu sending mii an emayo, hoping dat dis kud b diskussed privately between him adn mii, but hii refusinged mai rekwest. So I desided tu going deh public route. i wanted peepz tu know just wut it wuz dat he sed dat brought owt such a vigourus response from mii and uzzerz. I hopez dat dis can b puttinged bhind us.

    • ohai, meine Koenigin! (Feemayl bershun ob koenig (king)) auf deutsch.

      Fangs 4 helping wiff dat…maybee J bii owed an ‘pology?

      BTW, Won ob my faboritist fings hear iz “Judson’s Splort Repair”…ai cant imajin dat sumone wood mayk an adorablol fing wiff TEDDY BAREZ(!!!!) 2 helpify cheezfrenz hoo looz tehr braynz!!!
      BTW, wear iz this now? I coodn’t fynd it, and I lubbs it!


      • Kitkay,

        In order to simplify navigation on the Cryer masthead, we have moved a few things around and put them into different drawers. Judson’s Splort Repair is now under “Cheezlandmarks, Peeps and Customs” as splort repair is a custom.

        I was around when Sol/Judson was active and although obviously he was capable of kindness, he followed the pattern that many of that ilk do; they draw you in at first by being open and engaging, then eventually begin to show their ugly side, only to blame others when called on it.

        Sol/Judson once attacked a beloved Cheezfren on the Yahoo group over her style of writing and when several Cheezfrenz leaped to defend her, he said “what’s wrong with you people?” and called them “porcelain princesses.” On the ICHC comments he repeatedly made crude and off-color remarks and again acted wounded when he was asked to tone it down to preserve the “family friendly” atmosphere. The “FU” came in the form of a post just a few weeks ago where he implied that a lot of people who used to frequent ICHC are now gone because the rest of us are “losers.”

        It is admirable to concentrate on what is good in a person yet it is wise to be wary, especially when they have previously demonstrated a refusal or inability to recognize that their behavior was unacceptable within a given group.

      • fangs 4 yore help, burgloler ob cats; yesh dat is wyse. Didn’t noes awl ’bout that. Definitely is good to be more wise and wary, and to trust myself, too; something that I need to work on!

        It occured to me today, that if someone doesn’t fit the group, they could, like you said, critise and blame and leave; or, it also occured to me that perhaps a person who has crude or mean tendancies could actually be willing to learn or change to fit in here. They see something they like, I think and want to be a part of it. So s/he lets the group (to some extent) change him/her. (unconciously) I definitely think that ICHC has a positive effect on people’s lives, not just by being treated well, but in allowing oneself to learn from the good that is here. I’ve seen this a lot, I think, even though most of the peeps who come here are basically nice people. ICHC requires that people keep it clean and “play nyse”, therefore, people who blatently and repeatedly violate this are chastised. But they do get second chances before being banned. Therefore, even if someone is by nature, not so nice, (learned from the environment they grew up in, most likely), maybe when they make more effort, and people here respond with acceptance (but firmness), they could change. At least a little. At least while here. Does that make sense, or am I just being niave again? I hope that this might be true.

  5. Something said in this entry reminds me of my favorite quote:

    No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were; any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.
    John Donne, Meditation XVII
    English clergyman & poet (1572 – 1631)

    • Ohai, peeps…I am alwaiz wantin to gib peeps teh benifit ob dowbt…it jus seems like dis persun misunderstood…an it happinz to allof us, rite? I now hab to say…sorry for yankin himz chains, but I fot mai fren Aahz wuz bein atakt wifowt cauz..
      Let’s jus remember that we only have one short life, and make the very best of it…

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