Tribute tu Max

uniquekitty says:

A yeer ago todai, teh wundermuss Max-horse crost teh bridj.

Uniquekitty walks slowlee owt into teh Princess Mu Meadow. It iz sunny an warm, an teh air carries teh scents uv manee kinds uv flowers. UK luuks arownd. Neerby, dere iz a liddlol pond, wif sawt grass along itz shores an green lilypads floating on its surfase. On teh grass by teh pond, dere be manee bebehkittehs playing, chasin flutterbyes an bugs an frogs…an eech otter. It mayks UK sad to see liddlol bebehkittehs heer, but dey be sayf an happy heer. An dere iz wun bigger kitty, a floofy bloopoynt Himalayan wif beautimuss lite-bloo eyes. It iz UK’s hartkitty Stormy, hoo crost teh bridj 3 munfs befour Max. She smyles to see him heer wif teh bebehkittehs; her Stormy had alwais lubbed teh bebehs. Stormy sees her, an comes to her, weaving arownd her feets til she pikks him up an cuddlols him. He kloses hiz prittee bloo eyees in happyniss and purrs lowdly. She holds him titely fur a few moments, stroking hiz long soft floof, den sets him down. He goez bakk to playing wif the bebhkittehs. On a neerby bench, a longhayr tuxie polydaktyl iz sownd asleep on her bakk in teh warm sun. UK pikks her up an hugs her – it iz Stormy’s best fren, an UK’s otter hartkitty, Chica. Chica yawns an purrs an mayks biskits on Uk’s arm. UK luuks arownd while she holds Chica. Dere be so manee kittehs heer, playing an sleepin an enjoyin dis wundermuss playce. An ober to teh rite, dere iz a larj group uf goggies, barkin an runnin an playin. In teh middlol uf teh goggies iz a boi, hoo luuks to be abowt teh saym aje az UK’s 14-yeer-old boi, Plasticat. He haz sum balls an frisbees he iz frowin fur teh goggies. He laffs az teh goggies run after teh tois, den dey run awai wif dem, an he haz to chayse teh goggies to get teh tois bakk. He sees UK an gives a liddlol wave, den frows anudder ball. UK rekognizes wun goggie in teh group. It iz her Miniature Schnauzer, Cody. She wissels, an he leeves teh group to come to her. Hiz stubby tayl wags wildly, reminding her uf teh reezon hiz registered nayme iz Perpetual Motion – that endlessly wagging tayl! She sets Chica down and hugs Cody, an he washes her fayce wif hiz tongue. Chica rubs against Cody, purring. UK gibs Chica wun last hedskritch, and Cody wun more pat, an she stands up. Farther down teh meadow, she haz seen 2 horses standing together neer a small grove uf froot trees. Dey be teh saym kolor, beautimuss bays wif lawng black tayls, but she kan tell dem apart instantly. On teh rite iz Chip, Max’s trailriding/ horseshowing buddy. He iz a Standardbred racehorse, tall an lean an longlegged. Teh wun on the left iz Max, teh stcky muskular Quarter Horse. Standing nekst to Chip, rubbing teh horse’s nek, iz a yung man in jeens. Nekst to Max, brushing saddle marks frum hiz bakk, iz a lady in riding klothes. Neerby iz a beautimuss black western saddle an bridle an blankit. UK watches fur a moment az teh man reeches into hiz pokkit an brings owt treets, wich he feeds to teh horses. He pats boff horses, den bends down to pikk up a liddlol blakk kitteh, hoo he sets on hiz shoulder. He speeks to teh lady again, den turns an walks awai. Seberal kittehs wind arownd hiz feets az he walks. UK tries to kall “Max”, but her voyce izn’t werkin. She kleers her throat, an tries agin. “MAX!!” Max’s hed comes up, an turns, an hiz eers prick forward. The lady turns also, den she steps awai frum Max, an puts an arm arownd Chip’s nekk. Max whinnies happily an gallops to UK, slidin to a stawp in frunt uf her. He lowers hiz hed an pushes it against her chest, an she hugs him titely fur a lawng minnits. She reeches into her pokkitan pulls owt 2 pnut budder kups. Max tayks dem frum her hand jently, wun at a tyme. Uk puts her arms arownd hiz nekk, remembering 25 yeers uf her lyfe wif dis wunnermuss horse. Finally she lets go an steps bakk, gibbing Max wun last pat on the nekk. He turns an trots bakk to Chip an teh lady. Az UK turns to leeve teh meedow, she notisses teh boi iz naow sittin on the grass, pettin a floofy kaliko curled up on hiz lap. The goggies are lying arownd him in happeh eggshaustshun. The boi smyles contentedly at UK az she walks by him. UK, wif leeky eyes, leeves teh meedow, an her hart iz full uf happeh sadniss.


3 thoughts on “Tribute tu Max

  1. O uniquekitty! Ai am so sawry ur Max crawsed teh bridj! Mai hart brakes foar u! Teh stoary…it iz so beootimus! Such a wunnerful stoary! Mai eyes….dey leek. {{{uk & pc & awl yure hart frens}}}

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