5 Eagles Apologyzez

I gottid dis apology frum 5 eagles in mai emayo.  Let us hope dat hii haz lerned frum dis, adn dat wii kin move on.

Aannii (formal hello)

How are you tonight cweenmj. My name is Pete.
I hope you get this message I am not very good at this computer stuff.LOL
And I need a fire permit to send you a smoke signal.LOL
Pleas again forgive me for my action and please pass on my apoligies to the others.
Short and sweet
Stay well and good dreams.
Muskrat who cares for the Fire.


7 thoughts on “5 Eagles Apologyzez

  1. Oh, 5 Eagles! ai haz cawt up naow on this, and I am so disappointed in you! When first we exchanged comments on ichc, I was telling you how much I was interested in other cultures, and asked about your American Indian roots, (turned out you are Canadian Indian) and we, with some others, shared our experiences and our shared heritage. And we shared our unhappiness over the treatment of Indians in North America. And, and, I thought we were having an open-minded and honest exchange of thoughts. You have made me so sad with your remarks. I am not mad at you, only sorry that you are maybe not really who I thought you were.

    Grow in peace, 5 Eagles.

  2. You know, we all make mistakes….if we didn’t, why would we even be here? Life is a string of learning experiences…and I truly believe that 5eagles did not understand what Aahz was saying…had he known, he would not have said the things he did.
    Forgive, forget…and move on….a little sadder, a little wiser.

  3. You know looking back at my apoligiy. Pretty short but not what I really wanted to say. I think saying that word was in my day to day volcublary. But now I know I owe a huge apoligy to the Jewish Community not to just people who are Jewish or cashew-ish I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart. So I was thinking what other words have I said to offend manoieties or majoirties. I remember seeing a word on here that took me by surprise and was offencive to me and was hurt for about ten seconds. No harm no foul.
    I made a statement to cweenmj about players being referees. Cweenmj is different she tries and give benefit of the doubt. Also she is really nice to talk to. So be patient with me I don’t understand alot of things. Learning quickly.
    I am not up to stuff on the writing of lolspeak yet, still reading and learning. I am sorry.
    So I hope this gets baried like a dead mouse the kitteh brings home.

    • Live and learn, we all have a lot to learn and some of us have different things to learn than others. And heaven help us all if we’re going to be remembered for our bad moments instead of our good. 5eagles seems determined to continue learning, and I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, the way I hope people would for me.

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