Jeremy Losez

Jeremy says:

Ohai, awl….anudder weight loss updating fur yoo!! Ai maeked it tu mai goal fur Christmas tiem uf 230 lbs., which ai weighed in at this mornin’ Mai noo goal for Christmas is 213. *huffs and puffs* Man, dis exercise is gettin’ easier, butt(!) et still hurts.

Ai culd nawt get Jewel into teh mobile serbis today, butt(!) she wuz berry forgiving when ai gotted her hoam and gave her gushi-fud. Ai gotted a rain check ticket fingie tu go tu any udder location on any day ai want tu and be nawt-second in line. She also sez “Meow!,” which ai fink means “Ohai!” to ebberywun.


8 thoughts on “Jeremy Losez

  1. U iz dewin grate Jeremy, conga rats tew u! Ur hard wurk an determinashun reely payin awf! Woooot!

    Erm…wat iz teh mobile serbis an wai duz Jewel need tew goe dere? Izza trabelin v-e-t kynd uv fing?

  2. Cangrabshoelaces, Jeremy! teh wate-loozin iz teh hard, hard thing; ifn ai eben think abowt dieting, ai immediately get hungry fur awl teh things ai shud nawt have! Haz a big, big happy fur yoo!

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