A Kitteh Saga

Duffy says:

Hey, cheezpeeps! There is a lol happening in mah fambly!
Here’s teh story so far:
Day 0: Neese an fambly has 2 goggies.
Day 1: Ohalp, Aunt Duffee! Goggies has treed kitteh!
Day 1b: Oh Aunt Duffee! We is got kitteh down from tree! Is teeny an thin an scare an wet an…kyoot. Where can we takes it?
Day 1c: Nobody wants her! She is cuddledy and mah bruvver brot a litturbocks an sum food an she noo what to do in teh litturbocks! How smart! But we cannot keep her.
Day 2: Aunt Duffy, do goggies an kittehs ever get along? Altho we cannot keep teh kitteh.
Day 2b: Aunt Duffy, how much do yuor kittehs cost for food an stuff? Dis kitteh noes how to purr reel gud. She will make a gud housepet. Um, for somebudy. An shes beyootiful too.
Day 2c: Aunt Duffy, can we borroes a carryier to take teh kitteh to teh vet? So when – if – incase – somewun hu wants a kitteh wud knoe if she’s helfee. Shes so sof an sweetie we wud want her to be helfee too. For somebudy. Since we rilly cannot keep her. Rilly.
Day 2d: Aunt Duffee, how musch does it cost to get a kitteh spaded? Teh goggies arnt growling as musch as they were at hur. We have to cuddul her a lot so shes not fritened of them. Do kittehs lern fast?
[To be continued!!!!]


Later on deh same LOL —

Duffy says:

Well, we are still on Day 2 –
Day 2e: Aunt Duffee, I donut has to work for five days so I can stay hoam an play- I meen pertekt teh kitteh from teh goggies. Until we fink of sumfing to do wid her. An all the goggie toies are to big an ikky for a littul sweet blak-an-white cuddulbebbeh liek dis. What do kittehs liek to play wid? Oh, an du kittehs liek turkee-meet? Sinse she will be her just for Fanksgiving. [*Note from Duffy: This neckst bit made me lol for reel.] Or wud she rathur hav toona?


Later, on annuzzer LOL —-

parrothead says:

Oar wud she radder have toona?

Ai iz steel laffin sew hard, can’t breeve, fawlin awf mai purch obur dat! Fanks Duffy!

gremlin says:

Me too! Mefinks teh gnu kitteh mah has fownd itz forever hoem . . . :-)

Duffy says:

Aifinkso tu, gize – I will keep yu updatied for shur.
Mah neese has taked a pikshur of her an sent it to me bah teh emails. She is a floofee tuxedo girl wif white chin an muzzle. I has such tender funnee lols becuz neese never has had a kitteh, onlee goggees, tho she luvs all littul lifes. She also ahs 2 hommin boy-childs ages 7 and 3. Teh 3 has not been abul to make frenz wif teh goggies becus they are big an rowdy, but has alredy maed frends an plaed wif teh kitteh…ther cud be teers if kitteh goes awayeee…so *gigglol* we’ll see.

I iz waitin for teh final, fatal moment –


2 thoughts on “A Kitteh Saga

  1. Oh, Duffy, I had my daughter read this, and now all we have to do is look at each other and say “tuna” and we both crack up! My husband thinks we have both lost our marbles. Please keep us posted!

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