Deh Troll Walkz!

Oh! ai forgot to be telling yoo! Teh tr0ll is walking naow, wiffout hiz walker! Not reel far yet, but can get to teh kitchen, or teh baffroom, or teh bed, or owt to get teh paper in teh mornings! An was only 10 weeks ago they wuz askin do ai want to unplug him! So! we iz moast enormously thankful this year! Schmooooz!


9 thoughts on “Deh Troll Walkz!

  1. {{{{{sunnyhuckle and troll}}}}}
    ai iz so happi dat you gibed us dis gnus todai. U bof haz lots to be thankful fur.
    Peas adn luv to u bof.

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