“No Noms” One Year Later

*LCB comes in, looking a little bleary around teh mask after spending teh hole nite in teh recordifying stoodio. She has armloads of CDs to pass around to teh Cheezfrenz and gravy in her hair.*

O hai, guise. Happy Thanksgiving! U may or may not rember that one year ago today, on November 26, 2008, a benefit consert was holded at teh JCH4K Amphitheatre for all teh rodents in danger of being nommed by kittehs and other predators. It was a major success! In teh bestest Cheezland tradition, all teh Cheezpeeps and a sordid bunch of celebrities — humans and rodents alike — came together to eat, drink, sing, danse, recite poetry and eat and drink some moar. We have finally finded teh recordings made on that historic day and present them here, one year later.

So on behalf of teh event organizizers: Guinness Piggeh, Leeza/SkwirrlGrrl, Tessm and myownself, we proudly resent: Teh No Noms Consert

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