Cweenz Annownsmint

cweenmj says:


Neggst week week week i will b leebing deh kuntry on a seekrit spy peez keeping mission.

Whylest I b goneded, I b leebing LCB in charge uv deh Cryer. Sinse hur b habbing deh Pleh! job, shii mite not seeing awl deh portint commentz dat need capturifying adn posting on deh Cryer. So, if u haz sumfing u wanting posted, plz tu sending it tu hur at lolcatburglar at gmail dot com (no spamming) plzkthx.

Wen I gitz bak, I will bee gin planning a Noo Yeerz Day Parade!! so, when u not shopping and rapping adn partying dis holly day seezun, b finking uv a parade entry u kin postifying on Noo Yeerz Day!!


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