Kitteh Saga Epilogue

Duffy says:

Ohai, cheezpeeps! A followup on teh lolstory of Teh Kitteh We Cannot Keep (see previous posts)! Teh whole fambly of mah neese tuk her to teh Vet yestiday an told him taht teh kitteh was going to liv at teh neeses howse forever frum now own! Tehy told me dat her naem is listed at teh Vets as DeLilah, an othur than being very very skinnee (she weys onlee 3 pownds) she is helfee an reddy to have a forever home! Happy happy happy day for Teh Kitteh!
Also, mah neese wanted to noe if she shud leeve a lite on in teh basement where Lilah’s litterbocks is, so Lilah can find it.
Dey are not entirely eddycated cat peeple yet, but they have a gud start!


3 thoughts on “Kitteh Saga Epilogue

  1. Yay! Ai luvs dis storree!

    Aifinkso a lite in teh baismint wud bee gud. Mai gurlies lidderbaux iz in a klosit an ai haz wun uv dose nitelite fingys in dere taht coms awn wen it gits dark an goez awf wen its lite, haz wun neer dere feedin stayshun tew, jus tew maik fings eezier fer dem. 🙂

  2. She reeley only needs a liddle lite for to see by…jus wunna doze nitelite fingys…oh goodie, new catpeeps…I lubs it!

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