Mr. TidMum Laid Off

tidmum says:

Fanx :D I needed a hug.
Is been a cwappy week here…Mr T.M got laid off :(
Still. I has a fankfull for whut we has.We will get bai :)


9 thoughts on “Mr. TidMum Laid Off

    • fankies Griffyn.
      I makes teh bestestest ov whut we duz have.Counts mai blessins ebreeday I do 😀
      I has mah fambly an kittehs an mah wunnerful Cheezfrenz.It halps when teh goin gets tuff.

  1. {{{{Tidmum an Mr TM}}}}
    Lots of peeps will bee sending ++++ beems for things to get betterer eggstra soon. You has had a tuff yeer, but U can makes it thru this too!

    • fankies kvnsgrrl.
      We will get froo dis. i noes. Juss anuvver bump in teh road ov lyfe.
      Crissmuss is cummin,an hoapfully teh Gnu Yeer will bring gnu jawbs an bedder helf an happiness for awl 😀

  2. Ai has been bery nawt heer, so ai aplologise dat ai nawt seed dis before! Ai’m wishin u and Mr Tidmum lawts of luck for finding teh fabumulous noo job payin lotsa munnies an wiv teh nice peeps an teh short werkin howrs an teh genruss holiday an penshun plans!!

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