OnleeKittehs StepMom Needz Beamz

Dis landinged in mai emayoz dis moarningfrum Onleekitteh:

Ohai cweenmj.

I gotted sum nawt gud gnus last weekweekweek ‘bout my step-muver in Dallas, TX.  She be hazing “refractory anemia with excessive blasts (RAEB)”.  Dis be next door tu acute leukemia wif 20-40% probability of turning into leukemia.  Treatments start Mundai wif 5 days of treatments, den wait free weeks den 5 days of treatments.  Treatments be too types uv shots of chemo-type drugs, but not directly intu veins.  Dr. blood-cat won’t know anyfing fur sure fur bout tu munfs, but hur chanses are pretty gud (even at 81).  Gud gnus iz its nawt full leukemia and her haz fiery, red-headed attitude to beet dis nasty stuffs.  Can ai haz beems and hugz to Dallas?  Thxbye.



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