Beamz Needed fur Grantski adn Himz Mom

Here b sumfin frum Grantski I fownding in mai emayoz.  I b sending deh gud thotz fur bof.

Hello Cween. Its Grantski from ICHC. I wondered if you could post something on the Cheeztown Cryer. My mom is having sum troubles with her ankle. She has an ulcer, I forgot the scientificamal name for it, but it is very stubborn, and refuses to heal. I want to send sum beams her way. And im having surgery two days before christmas, and I would love sum support for it o.o



9 thoughts on “Beamz Needed fur Grantski adn Himz Mom

  1. Ohai, Grantski! I am sending beems to you and to your Mom — may her ulcer heal. I hope your surgery will be smooth and your recovery quick! Your bat avatar is surely a good luck token for you — in Chinese symbolism, it stands for longevity and good fortune. I’ll send a little lion lion strength and courage to go along with it, too. {{{{{grantski}}}}

  2. Ohai Grantski, {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Grantski & Mom}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Hope ur Mom heals kwik, adn ur surgery goez well. Whut kind ob surgery u be habing? Adn just bfor Krissmuss? PLEH!
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Grantski’s Mom}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  3. Ohai, kiddo! We be rampin up de beem masheen fur yu an yur mommakat! It is well known dat teh Cheezbeamz are teh mighty!! Good luck…we will keep you both in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. Momchan, its a foot surgery. My foot had been put in an external fixator, and when it came out, it was twisted. So they’re gonna straighten it up. And thank you all for the beams. My mom is seeing some doctors to decide what to do on her ulcer.

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