Kidz Say deh Darndest Fingz

HissyFit says:

Ai has a funnee storie tu tells….
Yesturdae little dotter caem home frum skool upset. Ai axed, “Whii? Whut happin?”
“Teecher yelled at mii!”
“Whii shii do dat?”
“Ai wuz giggloling in maff class.”
“Hmmm, dat wud bii a problum” ai sez sympafettikallee. “Whut wuz so funnee?”
“We waz learnin fractions.” shii sed as if dat wud cleer eberyfing up. Now, sum ob yu maybe smarterer dan mii, butt ai hads to ax, “What wuz so funnee aboot fraction?”
Dotter sez, “Teecher keped tawkin aboot teh deNOMinator nad ai kept picturin Puss attaking her toona boll.” Ai certainly cuddint punish hur after dat!

  • Jennifffuurrr says:

    Sounz lyke mai boi at Sunndy Skool – teh teechur sez teh lessin is abowt deNOMinashuns, an boi sez he pikshured teh ginormuss kitteh nomming teh wurld wun nashun at a tyme. Naow him sez “I is sooo hungree, ai cud nominashun!”


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