Loliday Greetings from BluesFan473

Ai iz dewin pritty wel butt (!) ai prolly wont haz a chanse tew bee heer bery offen til affer Crissmas sew ai wants tew taik dis chanse tew sez teh happyest uv hollydaze tew awl cheezpeeps


10 thoughts on “Loliday Greetings from BluesFan473

  1. Your post card is wundermus. Have a very Merry Christmas. I’ll wave from the Pacific Northwest as you make you ride wif Santapaws.

  2. Merry Lolmas to U! Ai hoeps Santa Cat iz gud 2 u this yeer! Ai haz teh mostest bestest frens in teh werld! U iz wun uv mai bestest frens! Merry Catmas! {{{{{{bluesfan473}}}}}}} A wunnermus Noo Yeer 2 u too!

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