Kimkiwi, Nightshayde and SJ/Martoonie has a famous

Teh TopFive List, which is a innerweb thingy that does not has to do with kittehs (if u can imagine) but is teh funny anyways, recently held auditions for new funny peeps to write for them. I has a proud and a huge happy to announcify that Cheezland’s own Kimkiwi, Nightshayde and SJ/Martoonie made teh final cut and now has a famous!

Yay! *happydanse*

*pores shampers for teh stars*

They was chosen to audition in teh first place because they all contribute to Top5 Pets, which is a offshoot of TopFive and which I (LCB) moderate. If u read our lists, u will see that u pretty much only has to be able to take a idear and run wif it, just like we does on teh comments. Most of u is teh worthy! And is teh fun to do, too. There is many other lists in teh Little Fivers fambly; if u want to write for one or moar, plz to e-mail me at: lolcatburglar at gmail dot com and I will give u teh informations.



4 thoughts on “Kimkiwi, Nightshayde and SJ/Martoonie has a famous

  1. Oh wows!!! I noes famus peeps….***sigh***, I is nawt wurthy!! Conga rat shoelaces, deer frenz for makin teh kut!!

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