Cheezmeet in Portland

I haz reeseevinged dis in mai emayoz frum Catslave. if u wishing tu contact him about deh Cheezmeet, u kin sending an emayo tu

Ai has a sad. Ai no can post on ICHC at Awl. Ai can post on teh udder pagez like I can has hawt dawg and fail-blog and stuff, but nawt on teh cheez site. Haz bean like dis fower free days naow.

I donut fink I wuz bad or any fing.

I miss teh cheez peeps! butt(giggle) AI still read teh posts.

(lolspeak off) I am proposing a cheezmeet in Beaverton, at the Powell’s book store at Cedar HIlls Crossing on January 17th, 2010.  Since I am unable to post on ICHC I was wondering if you could spread the word. The last time we had a PDX cheezmeet There were TessM, Two minions, JD and myself. It would be nice to see a larger group for this one.  (LOLspeak on)

Meowy Catsmus and a Happy Mew Year tew Awl!!1!!



5 thoughts on “Cheezmeet in Portland

  1. Ooooo – a Portland cheezmeet! Ai be dere wif bells on (as long as no snow or ices). But ai doesn’t know where da Cedar Hills Crossing iz, butt ai fink ai can finding it onna may map program.

  2. Ai hoap ebreewun haz a fun! Ahm afrayd is tew lawng a trip frum noo hamster tho.

    Catslave, haz u reportd teh problm tew the grated cheeses? Maibee dey cud figger owt why u cahnt post? Guud luck, hope tew see u bak in teh lols soonest!

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