Noo Yeerz Day Parade

cweenmj says:

*Tu uv deh Cween’z paigez enter
*wairing deh roy elle purplol tunicz, wite legginz
*adn deh shoez wif deh curly pointeez on deh toez
*Dey rayz dere trumpetz tu deir lipz and
*bloe a short fanfare

*Deh Cheez Town Cryer enterz kerrying a parcht mint

*In a strong voice hii reedz:

Heer ye!! Here ye!!
Hur Majesty, Cweenmj is pleezed tu annown sing
Deh furst annulol Cheezland Noo Yeerz Day Parade!!

Plz tu preparifying ur floats, marching bandz, clownz, et setra fur paradifying on deh 8am ICHC time LOL on Janumerry Nawt Sekkund, Tu fowzind adn Ten.

*Deh Cheez Town Cryer den nailz deh notiss ontu
*deh board on deh Town Hawl neggst tu deh
*Time kunbershun chart.

8am ICHC =
11am Pacific
12pm Mountain (noon)
1pm Central
2pm Eastern
7pm TTI
6am Sidney (neggst day)


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