Nooz frum Nicewitch

I haz reseevingifyed dis messij frum Nicewitch.

Ohai, Yr Majistee!! Ai hoeps yu ar warm an saef an happee dis KrismausTiem! Cud ai aks yu teh fayvur? ICHC nawt bees lettin mii poast enneefink awn teh LOL freds, an teh Cheezis nawt can figger owt wy (stil lets mii logg in an stil lets mii maek an saev LOLs, dough.) Wud yu wishis awl teh Cheezpeeps A Beri Happee Wuteber-Dey-Sellibrayts foar mii? Ai habbin mai Tradishunul Sukkee Krismaus (mennee lawng stoarees, nun ob dem wurf tellin, sew ai woant bovvur) an awl ai kin du is wach yu awl playin. Pls tu telling ebreewun ai missis dem, an ai bees lurking an laffin wiff awl teh ufnees, an ai sends ebreewun lawts ob {{{}}}s an schmoos an festib wishis! Fankees, Mai Kween!!


4 thoughts on “Nooz frum Nicewitch

  1. I am sorrey dat yu are hafin teh ushual sukky chrismuss….but I hope and pray fings improbe four yu kwiklee. (ps, menny of us are haffin a sukky time, mai sweet fren…but I lubs dat we can share deze fings here wifowt disapproval). Gud luk!!

  2. Sew soww dat ur Christmouse is sukky Nicewitch. If it helps Mine will bee tew. I libs alown wif my tew kittehs Stormy and Chessie here in Oregon. Mai Fambly is awl back on teh otter coast.


    • Aaaawwwww – ai sowree yu hassin teh sukkee tu! Tank gudniss wii hassing owr kittehs tu snorgle! An dat wii hassing teh Cheezland tu kum tu, as wel. Ai wishing yu mennee Brite an Shinee an Wunnermus Fings, awl fru dese Hollee Daes an fillin up teh Gnu Yeer!!!

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