Halp Nicewitch

cweenmj says:

Oh Hai Anni!! Cormgranulashingz yet agin!!

Kin I hanging dis notiss heer?? Fankeez.

Oh Hai,
Menny peepz b berry kunserned bowt ower deer Nicewitch and hur kittehz tutoring problemz. LCB haz kindlee settinged up a donation button on deh Cryer, oar u kin going dere directlee.

Plz Halp Tutor Nicewitch’s Kittehs

No PayPal account is required. There is a link in the lower left-hand corner of the donation page for those who want to pay with a credit/debit card or by electronic check.

PS…… Nicewitch, plz tu emayoing mii — cweenmj@gmail.com — tu coordingnate deh transfur uv fundz….. LCB sez wii haz bowt $150US so far (8pm).


12 thoughts on “Halp Nicewitch

  1. dearest cween and lcb- oo, fankee sew much ! ai b finkin fer awhile dat we shud hab a centralized kinda place where we cud fro sum munnees when peeps needs halp- ai finks moast fings which is sew trublin fur ONE all-alone peep b nawt sucha trubel for da hundreds ob us when we awl werk togevver!
    sew ai can gib jest a littol bit- but ai truly fink eberylittol bit halps !
    can we see haow much b pilin up ?


  2. Ohai my cween. Adn ohai to Upfi and Kittycat. Adn speshul ohai to our bery gud LCB. Ai wented to da site and donated fity munnies fur da tutoring for Nicewitchs kittehs. How bery lubly dis site is to be helpings so many uv da cheezpeeps.

    • Ohai OnleeKitty! U haz sended me emayos to kittycat__64@hotmail.com butt(!) mai ICHC naym is lubsorinjwuns. Ai wuz beriberi glad tu see dat u found teh donate buttun tu help Nicewitch. Your generosity amazes me! And teh generosity uv all teh cheezpeeps!

  3. Onao lukkit, heer ai’m crai-in awl obur agin. Oar stil. Oar sumfing. Yu ar jus teh moast preshiss an amayzing peepuls ai has ebbur awlmoast met. Sumdae, ai swares, ai’m gunna run awl arownd teh whirrld an hug eech an ebbree wun ob yu!! Fankees, fankees, FANKEES!!!! In teh moarnin, ai wil cawl teh v-e-t (Dr. Kerr, Thorold Animal Hospital – bless hims loe fees!) an get Bob put awn teh skedjool foar teh soonist pointmint pawsibul – Bob iz NAWT maekin ennee moar cawntreebyooshuns tu teh jean puul!!!

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