Tutoring Fund Update

Ohai, peepz!!!

U am amazing!!  In just over 24 owerz, LCB reportz u haz donatifyinged $460!!!!

On Nicewitch’z behaf I fanking u fur ur generowsityz!!  Deh Donate buttin will remain active until sumtime on Noo Yrz Day.   Dependz on how late LCB iz owt burglarizing sillybrating.

I shud remindering doze uv u hoo donating, that tho it b a berry wurfwyle cauze, deh IRS duz not kunsider dis a tax-deducktiblol donation.  It iz just “passing-the-hat”.

Now, I haz a kwestyun fur u.  Since wii will raizing moar dan enuff tu pay fur tutoring Nicewitchez kittehz, wut shud wii due wif deh extra munneez?

Schmoooz tu awl deh Cheezpeepz, hoo haz hartz az big az Texas.  Plz tu note, I haz drivven kross Texas, so I noez whairov I speekz.


26 thoughts on “Tutoring Fund Update

  1. oh! ai just NEW teh cheezfrenz wud doo it! w00t! w00t! elebenty!!!

    as foar teh rest uv teh munnies, aifinkso they are AWL gud suggestions and ai cannot choose. mai nawt-sekkund thot onna mergensee fund iz, it shud be cleerly understood up front as to who will administer it. but aifinkso we can trustify in owr cween, and mebbe — just MEBBE — even LCB on dis wun!

  2. f kan beez mergencie fun, hao much trubble wood it beez to set up az non-proffit, oar keepz az “passin da hat”?
    awl da ideers waz gudonez, but u nevver no wen da mergencie will happen 2 anyone ov us…

  3. I am so happy to see that so much was raised so quickly….cheezfrenz are teh best! I am also feeling extremely sad because, for the first time in years, I am NOT able to help out….but if you keep this fund open, I will as soon as I can!!! And that’s a promise!!

    • Nawt tu beeing sad, mai gud frend! Wen ai wuz frytind, yu gibbed mii ur strawng sholdur tu leening awn, an calmd mai panniks. Dat wuz ur gifft tu mii, an ai beri graytful tu yu!

  4. 2me da bestest idea is 2 leev da fund open as “cheezfwendzemerjenceefund” den doez ob us who can, can give a little when we are able and sum munfs we b NAWT able, nawt b a problem. But da fund cud still grow a littol ebery munf-mayb cap it at $1000 ? Ai knoes we cud b trustin our beluved Cween and LCB tew ‘minister da fund ( as lawng as da munnies nawt b shiny !)

  5. Can I just add that while I don’t mind helping out with these occasional collections, I use my personal PayPal account because it is set up to accept credit cards and donations from non-PayPal-account-having peeps. Money collected for a given purpose is transferred to the beneficiary as soon as all donations are in.

    If there is to be a standing fund I would prefer there to be a separate account specifically for that purpose. I imagine there would have to be a bank account opened and people elected to be the custodians/signatories and so forth.

    • Woot, woot! Wot LCB says. She is teh expert, aif inkso. Being German, ai can’t really say anyfing on how we need to go about an emergency fund and who wud be eligible for halp (how do we decide which cheezpeep gets munnies for wot purposes?), but ai HAVE and WILL contribute. Yesh. Ai am lucky enough to have a job that pays reesonably well and ai can afford to halp – and wot bettur cause than teh cheezpeeps u tawk to effury day!

      • Ai jest donated tu teh fund but ai can’t deecyd wut wai tu vote on whare teh excess shuud go. Dey is all teh grate ideas! Ai jest want tu say haow awsum cheezpeeps are. *leeky eyz*

    • I voted to put the excess in a cheezpeep emergency fund. BUT, with what LCB has just said about using her personal Pay Pal account, I think the excess $$$ should go to Nicewitch since she’s in “straights” at the moment and the fund raising was to help her. I hadn’t realized LCB was using personal account to do this. Although it would be nice to have an emergency fund for alla cheezpeepz, I think it would be too hard to set up a separate bank account with all of the legalities she mentioned.
      As I’ve seen, cheezpeepz rally around anyone who needs help in dire circumstances many times, so it’s evident we’re all willing to help as we can, when we can.
      Onnz anuver note: WOOT! for alla donashuns and bestest wishes to Nicewitch.

      • And like tessm, ai know Texas is big. Ai libed in Oklahoma for the first 23 years of my life. You can drive for days and not get anywhere (almost). 🙂

      • I have to agree with Onlee Kitteh on this. I love all the cheesefriends generosity and kindness of heart. But I do think that it would be a huge responsibility for who ever was tapped to be the custodian of the fund and, given the transitory ‘posting today-gone tomorrow’ nature of the site, extremely difficult to administer. I honestly think it would be best to keep donations as an occasional ‘pass the hat’ kind of thing. I don’t want to be a party pooper here, I admire so much everyone’s desire to help their fellow cheesepeeps.

    • (LOLspeak offs 4 a minnit!) non-profit incorporation (in USA 5013c (or c3–i always get them confoozled) is NOT simple to do. And international donations: whew!! best to keep informal, short term, and throw issues open to the cheezepeeps as they arise? Thanks to QMJ and LCB for all their work! Good Katma!

      Nicewitch–wishing you better times ahead, and know how much you mean to the cheezwhirld!!

  6. Pole paje sed it duz nawt ekzist. hmmm . Haow dat happunz?
    Maibe we can has a skolurshipz fur da tutilij ub ovvurz wut nedez wun? Gud tu se LCB haz stept up tu da jawb ub kepur ub roil ekzchekur.

  7. Ohai, awl mai deer Cheezfrends!

    Fankees frum teh beri deeps ob mai hart foar sending sew mush lubs an supoarts an helps tu mii an Brynna an Bob! Ai bees hyoojlee tutched bai awl ob yu kummin tu owr reskyoo.

    Bob hassa pointmint Jan. 20 foar his oblgitoaree vaksinayshuns, an den hii goes foar tutoring awn Jan. 29. Dees bees teh urleeist pointmints wii cud gets at teh moast reesuniblee-prized klinik. LCB (bless hur jainoarmus hart foar awl ob dis) wil be paeing teh v-e-t, Thorold Veterinary Hospital, dairektlee as ai rikwestid – a toatil ob CDN $174.56 foar Bob’s pointmints.

    Tumorro, ai wil tawking tu a difrint v-e-t abowt Brynna, and wevvur dey wud bee okay wiff spaying hur befoar teh kittins kum. Court Animal Hospital bees teh moast eggspeeryinst wiff spaying tu terminaet pregninsee, an ai wil taek der adbise abowt wevver dat cud stil be dun saeflee foar Brynna. Ai stil bees strugling wif dis disizhun, an kiip in mynd dat Brynna’s saeftee an wel-beeng bees teh moast poartint fing. Awltho it wud bee lublee tu hassing teh kittin(s) frum mai beautimus Brynna an Bob, der bees teh defnit chans dat Brynna mite nawt surbibe teh nachrul burfing – seh bees sew tynee, wiff teh pelvis tu match, an ai has a wurree dat Bob gibbed teh kittins teh ‘bigniss’ jenes. An den der bees teh fakt dat teh Whirrld awlreddee has moar kittehs an kittins an goggies an puppees dan wii gots teh furebbur hoems foar, an adding B & B’s bebbehs jus compownds teh problum. Ai going rownd an rownd an rownd in mai hed ‘kyootnis-littol creechurs-daynjurs-problums-kyootnis-littol creechurs-daynjurs-problums’. Ai wil tawking tu teh Court AH v-e-t tumorro, an trai tu maek teh bestist disizhun ai can. Ai wil hassing sum regrets eever wae, ai noes.

    Lubsorinjwuns, if der ar tu be kittins, ai wud bee frilled an honnerd foar yu tu hassing wun (oar moar) ob dem. Wii wud den bee famblee tu eech uvver, cos ai wud bee teh Gramma ob ur littol ‘doptid sun oar dottur!! (Wel dat’s nawt gonna maek ennee disizhun eesiur!)

    Ai aksd dat teh munnees from ur jenirossitees be paed strayt tu teh v-e-t cos ai doant wanting ennee ob yu wunnermus frends tu hassing eeben teh littolist wurree abowt a nawl-moast straynjur [dat wud be mii] taeking adbantij ob ur kindniss. And, wutebber munnees bee left obur aftur B & B gots der tutoring, pls tu voet foar it beeing held foar anuvver Cheezfrend in need, oar beeing doenaytid tu anuvver wurvee cawse. Mai littol fur-famblee an ai hassing teh warmfs an sheltur an noms an, nao dat yu halped us wiff dis merjinsee, wii shud be okay foar awyol. If der ar tu bee kittins, ai wil letting yu noes if ai nawt can cope.

    Fank yew awl beriBERI mush agayn – yu ar teh sweetist peepuls in teh Yooniberse!

  8. Ohai, Nicewitch!
    Ai am sew happee dat ebryfing is getting sordid out foar you nd your kittehs. Ai am beriberi honored dat you wud let me adoptify wun of teh babbehs but you are right, dere is tu meny kittehs nd goggies dat be needin homes in teh world. I trust dat yu will be makin teh bestest decision here. And by the way, ai don’t need to be adoptifying wun of teh babbehs foar us to be fambly, we is already fambly! Cheez fambly! Ai haz left mai emayo address foar u befoar butt (!) aim gonna do it again: kittycat__64@hotmail.com. We be libbing beriberi close to each uvver nd ai would luv tu hab the cheezmeet wif u! Nd meet all your fur babbehs! So please emayo me whenever you feels up to it!

  9. ok, gibbin awl de above info, i change mai vote ! ifn we cant keep the fund open as seed munnies fo uvvrs, den lets gib awl da balance to Nicewitch! ai pursonally wud lub a husefull ob da widdley wee kittehs to make me laffnlaff, but(!) she iz rite, i unnerstand der b 2many kittehs. Mayb da vet b tellin hoaw many kittehs b inside ? mayb ifn nawt 2many kitty cud hab dem ? mayb NW cud have cheezmeet wif peeps frum vlc an ny and find a foreber homes for dis litter? sawwy NC- ai know dis b yor decision an ai know yu will du da bestest yu can, so ai will shutdaheckup !
    shmoooooz to NW an awl da widewhirld ob da cheezfwends! an da happinewyeer to awl!

  10. OH MAI CC!!
    ai finked mebbe NW kittihs hab da slow or sumfin’ ? *tootoring, tootoring, y her kittehs need eggstra time wif da teechur…?*
    If ai gets da smarterz, ai be dangermous!

    • *snerk*
      Bob beddur nawt gets ennee smartur wif teh ‘tutoring’, he awlreddee bees opinning doars bai hims oan self – wuts nekst, mai prybit mail?? Hims oan emeow akownt?

  11. *nicewitch ansers teh doarbel, an sez ohai tu delibreemans*
    Ohai, delibreemans – wut yu wants?
    O reelee?? Jus a minnit ….
    *terns an cawls tu brilyint an skeeming boi-cat*
    Bob? O Bob – cud yu splayn dis pls? Dis delibreemans brottid tu boksis foar yu. Wun sez ‘Ellebentee pownds ob Whirrlds Bestist Nip’, an teh uvver wun bees frum sumplaes cawld “Teh Howse ob Mowse’. Ai toald yu noe oarderings stufs frum teh intertoobs! Hao yu finking wii gonna pae foar dis?? Huh?? Wai ai hassing teh emtee feeling wair mai leff kidnee shud bees?? Has yu bin sellin mai bawdee parts agin???? Bob??? BOB, YU CUM BAK HEER, AI’M TAWKIN TU YU!!!!

  12. NW that previous comment of mine was supposed to be:
    (((((((({{{{{{[[[[[[nicewitch, brynna & bob]]]]]]}}}}}}))))))))

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