Mapifikayshun Updating

I haz gud gnuz adn bad gnuz.

Deh gud gnuz b dat I haz ben addifying moar peepz tu deh Cheezpeepz map. Wii now haz a total uv 423 peepz on deh mapz.

Deh bad gnuz iz dat it puttinged deh nomber uv peepz on deh main map over 200 and it did deh dredded paige splittificashun fingy making fingz goez awl wakky.

So I had tu reorgamanizing sum peepz.  I movinged awl deh peepz in deh Washington state in wif deh Oregon peepz and b kawlling it deh Pacific Norfwest map.

Az awlwayz, u kin going tu deh Master List uv Cheezpeepz paig tu finding owt where peepz b.  Enny peepz not on deh main map will hazing a link tu deh map dat dey duz b on.

If u not b on deh map adn wud like tu b, plz tu sending deh emayo  tu telling mii ur ICHC name adn ur city/town adn state/province/kuntree.  If u b on deh map, but ur info needz updating plz tu letting mii know.  Plz tu awlso note dat I kin adding a little note oar a linkee tu ur ICHC profile if u wud like.

Schmooooz tu awl.



6 thoughts on “Mapifikayshun Updating

    • *Lukz at map.* Harumph!!! I put u on dere yesterday. Wai googlol nomming ur marker? *putz a nuzzer marker on fur 5eagles.* Lemme noez if dis wun disappearingz, tu.

  1. Ohai, mai leezh!

    ai wuz wundering, haz yu hearing frum Hashim? ai sawd him onna map an memberd himz poasts. He was teh funneh and innersting, an poof! tehn he wuz gawn! ai whishes him whell, wearevver he izz…

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