PK Lukkin Fur a Job

Ai hazza job innerview nekst Friday, an aifinkso ai haz gud chance uv getting job!

Iz nawt aminlols, iz reception/booking attan MRI clinic, part-thyme, but iz way better tehn no job an ai can wurk awn teh Feline Harmony fing awn teh syde, an part-thyme meens less chance ai gets depressd.

Plz tu be sending me teh gud thinkings fur it? Iz gunna get hard tu keep kittehs in gushifuds if nawt get a job soon!!!


17 thoughts on “PK Lukkin Fur a Job

  1. You are always in my thoughts PK… so I’m sending extra-special ‘get job’ thoughts your way.


  2. pingers crossed (oops ai cannawt type)
    toes crossed (oops ai cannawt walk)
    eyes crossed (oops ai cannawt see)
    Butt – ai can sended beems adn gud wishes fur job interbiew.

  3. Dear Prysma,
    Remember that the interview is about how you can help the hiring manager, so focus answers on how your presence will help calm patients and caregivers, and how as a cat owner you know how to keep your cool. Say things like, “I am detail oriented and able to keep a lot of ‘balls in the air’ at one time,” as this focuses attention on your personality and skills that are HELPFUL TO THE HIRING MANAGER. Oh, one more thing, remember that Catnip Junkie is keeping claws crossed and sending good {{beems}} your way!

  4. Ohai PK!
    Best wishes wif ur job interview! Ai knows u kin du it!
    *Shmoos nd purrs nd hedbonks nd a bag of Fritos for Cory*

  5. Iz mad a Boo-Boo wun iz snged in.. telin U n kase uz wunnerin hoo iz Carol….iz no Carol in Cheezelan..ize kittycatlion. Luf n Lite!

  6. PK–Uv corse yu can has awl teh beams ai haz an moer. Butt (!!) no matter how yur innerviews goez, remember taht yu are a big hearo tu mii and tu lotz uv odder cheezpeeps.

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