ICHC Nashunal Skwirrl Appreciashun Day

i knows!! furst tehy wants to eet us… then they hoomiliates us!! OH TEH HYTOOGEMANITEE!!!!

Speeking of:


Plz to show up for our furst annual ICHC Nashunal Skwirrl Appreciashun Day!!
Tomorrow (Thurzday deh 21th) at teh 9 am cheeztime lol! (that’s 12 pm Westy Coast, 3 pm EST, 8 pm TTI… yada yada yada…)

Plz bring ur favorit nut (present companee accepted) and we will has some funs! Some kinda contest.. I’m still trying to think uv one… maybe a nut toss????

Ed. Note:

9 am Cheeztime iz: 12 pm Pacific, 1 pm Mountain, 2 pm Central, 3 pm Eastern, 8 pm TTI, 9 pm Yroop


4 thoughts on “ICHC Nashunal Skwirrl Appreciashun Day

  1. ai hopez tu be dere, but ai haz a dentist appt. at bout dat time.
    Ai haz appreciashun fur squirrelols. A twerk ai iz da squirrel-food mommie. Ai feedz dem seeds adn peamuts ebery day. Lotz uv dem come rite u to mai feetzez and begs fur anuber wun.

  2. is toonite at 8pm? i hab a confoosd abowt teh cheezy tym/date con-tin-u-uhms.

    (adn fur teh rekurd, i awlolways hab an appreciashun fur teh skwirlies! eben wen dey is frowing teh nuts at mai heed…)

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