twocatwoman Haz Job Interview

Ahem! (OT) Ia haz a nouncement–Ia haz a job innerview tomorrorrorrorrow. Iz not zactlee wat Iz wuz lukin for, butt(!) Ia wud be glad to haz it. Plz, Ia can haz beems n prayrs? Kthnxbai.


6 thoughts on “twocatwoman Haz Job Interview

  1. Crossing mah fingurs, toeses, eyeses, adn armz. Iffin Ai crosses mah legz, Ai fallz down, sew we iz gonna pertend Ai did.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{twocatwoman}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} adn gud luk!

  2. So sorry u nawt got the job 😦 bene there dun that. Prolly will again.
    Kepe the faith.

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