Lardy Gras Party

kimkiwi says:

Ai kin haz yore attenshun, plskthx?

On tehn 18th of Febree, on teh nawt-sekkund LOL of teh dae, tehre iz to be a partee!

“Wot sort of partee?” ai heer no-wun butt teh voysis in mai hed aks.
It be Lardy Gras.

“Wot iz Lardy Gras?” teh voysis aks
Lardy Gras be a dubbil sallybrayshun of Collop Monday (a TTI dae involbing baykin) and Mardi Gras.

“Wot sort of partee?” teh voysis aks
Tehre be lots of songs dun ICHC stiel, nd mebbe sum pancaek raysis. Teh song wil orl be about TTI. So far we haz vershins of Werewolves of London, Islands in the Stream and People are Strange.

Orl song contribushins are vairy welkum. Iffin yew wud liek to wriet a song, or haz a stall, or provied sum ennertaynmints, pls to emayo me at kim_stewart at xtra dot co dot nz

Normil serbis resooms


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