Maxy Bunneh Update

Ohai! Dis b uppydate awn Maxy: Her will nawt b gitting better evvur agin. That b teh sad. Butt her still kin liv wiff bein nearly paralyzed in her hind legs. I will has to give her baff evry day, butt as long as her b willing to liv (and her is, I dunnot finkso there b NE other rabbit eeting that greedily!), her will. So that b a releeved, though a sad wun.
Nao fings are OK until spring b cuming, Ifinkso. Cause that b when them dreaded flies b cuming bak, and there b no chance of bathing her moar than twice a day, Ifinkso. Butt it nawt spring yet and we will see then.
Well, nao I has speshul needs bunneh combined wiff lawng distunce marrij. Compatibility problums, I has them… Has to talk to teh luvly gurl who takes care awf mah littlol furry babies when Iz at ma hubby’s.

NEway, fanku awl berry berry muchly foar ur beems and luv! U is teh greatest! {{{cheezfrends}}}


3 thoughts on “Maxy Bunneh Update

  1. Awwwww … wot a sad fate for ur Maxygurl! U be a gud bunneh momma to bathe her effury day. Ai sends u beams of strength and energy so yuo can manage all teh fings u have to do!

    Lubs from Upfi

  2. Beems to HCR and to Maxy. Here’s hoping the lovely girl furbabysitter will be willing to take care of the special-needs bunny!

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