ICHC Delurkifikayshun Day

cweenmj says:

Ahem…. Kin I haz ur tenshunz plz?!?!? erm…. No, not ur tenshunz. :roll: Ur Atenshunz.


I finso wii needz tu haz an ICHC Delurkifikayshun Day. A day wen awl deh lurkerz kin kumming owt adn saying ‘Oh Hai’. Adn wut bedder day fur kumming owt uv deh shadowz dan Grownd Hawgz Day? So on Febumary 2th, awl u lurkerz flex ur finnerz adn let us noze ur owt dere.

I finso dat deh De-Lurkifikayshunz will b on awl deh lolz, starting wif deh 12 am LOL awl deh way thru deh 2 pm LOL on Feb. 2, 2010.

“So,” u ask, “how duz I delurk?”
It b eezee. Just kum tu deh nooest lol and putting ur kurser in deh comment box at deh bottom adn start typing!

“Oh, but mj,” u sez, “I duzn’t haz a WordPress accownt. Adn I duzn’t noe nuffin bowt hazzing a blooness oar avatarz oar enneefing.”
Well, deh gud nooz iz dat u duzn’t haz tu!! U just putting ur name in deh box dat sez name. Dis duzn’t haz tu b ur reel name; just wutebber u b wanting ur screen name tu b. Den u haz tu putting in ur email address. Don’t wurry, wii won’t seeing ur email address. Adn deh Gratid Cheeziz won’t b sending u spamz oar selling ur address tu spammerz. Den u ritingz ur comment.

“Oh, but mj,” u sez, “I duzn’t noeing wut tu say!! adn I haz nebber roted deh lolspeek. it lukz so hard!!”
Moar gud nooz!! Deh lolspeek b opshunlol, wii kin awl reed reglar Ingerlish, tuu. Adn fur ur nawt-sekkund commint, u kin just saying ‘OhHai, I iz noo!’

“Oh, but mj,” u sez, “wut will happen tu mai commint?”
Ur berry furstest commint will going tu deh moderaterz. Dey chekz it tu b shur deh email address not b a fake oar deh emailz uf a spam faktree. And dehy reedz deh commint tu see if it haz enny nawty werdz. Den dey postifying it so wii kin awl seeing it. Dis may take just a few minnitz oar eben an hower oar tu. It dependz on how bizzy deh moderatorz b.

“Oh, but mj,” u sez, “will enneewun talking tu mii?”
Well, I shud hoping so!! Deh Cheezpeepz b fine, frendlee folkz adn I finso dey wud lub tu hazzing moar frenz.

See u on GrowndHawgz Day!! (wif oar wifowt shadoez)


15 thoughts on “ICHC Delurkifikayshun Day

  1. Dis is a wundermus idear! Ai wil alwais bii a lurker in mai hart, an it taked mii a long, long tiem to post mai first comment. So tihs is a fantabulous wai to extend a floofy pay of helpfulness for evrybudy in teh shadows luking at their feets and wishing someone wood pull tehm into the dansdansdans.
    Kindness, U has it, mai cween!

  2. Mai leige. What a berry nice fing to be doing! Ai can has more friends fore my birfdai! What a happitail dai it will bee.

  3. I fink dis is a grate ideer. I hab onlee won proboblem. Iz been tryin to folloo ur advize fur sevrl dais an poast befour deh hollyday butt(!!!) werdpres moderates meh fur ours an den i evamporate. Iz reely eggcited to meet gnu fwendz butt(!) iz stuk. Enee advize fur meh?

    • Oh deer!! I duzn’t noez wai u evaporatez!! I kin only suggest u riting tu deh Grated Cheezez and telling dem ur problem.

      Here, I givez u deh linkee. http://cheezburger.com/contact

      Dis b deh “contact us” linkee frum deh bottom uv deh ICHC paige. It will opun a private comment box fur u tu riting in and deh Cheeziz Teckno peepz will reeding it and sending u an email back. Gud Luk!! I hopez u kin come owt and play!

  4. Ai bee moastlie lurking 4 da longest tiem, and nawt knowing hao 2 rite wif awl de flurishez ov lol-speek, butt (!)i kaem-aowt ob da shadoes… U kan doo dis! ur new cheezfriends wil b rite there 2 sai “Oh,hai” adn n-spier u 2 uze ur brayne in a neu wai!

    • Ohai Cowdogwah!

      Please don’t feel you have to use lolspeak if you don’t feel comfortable with it, lots of cheesefriends prefer not to. Wether you want to use lolspeak, regular English or pig latin, please come out and play with us, everyone who is willing to play nice is welcome!

  5. I must confess I lurk here all the time at work – I can speak some lolspeak, but the writing so far eludes me! I love this website, it makes me laugh every day…not just the pictures, but all the comments as well. So happee fur Delurkifikayshun Day! Berry gud idea, ifinkso! So, Ohai! to all teh cheezpeeps! Fank u!

    • Ohai Meesh! Welkum tew Cheezland! Wi r sew glad tew b seeing u! Dere iz noe rite oar rong wae tew Lolspeak, sew jest wing it….wi wil figger owt whut u r trying tew sae. *Lolspeak off* Or just use plain old English. You’ll get the hang of it after awhile. *Lolspeak on* Pleez tew b comminting awn sum LOL pics 2morrow sew taht ebereewun kan meetz u. Nd b shur tew goe bai teh Tybootek fur ur welkome prezzie! Hoep tew c u 2morrow!

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