Lunnun Cheezmeet Vote

Ambercat says:

Ohai Everee peeps! Ai kno teh weeekweeeeekweeeeekend LOLs is nawt teh best playse to put nouns mints, so Ai wull repeet tihs in teh week, BUTT(!) we is orgamanisin teh Furred Lunnon Innernashnul Cheezmeet. Sum Cheezpeeps awlreddy has arraynjmunts to com to TTI, an we is tryin to werk arown taht – tihs has gibbun us 2 choyses. Sew, if yu is nao, or R at enneetym plannin to be, in TTI plees to be maykin yur prefrunces knone – votin keepads at teh reddy and….
Voet A fur Nawt 2nd week in July, in Lunnon. Voet B fur larst week in July in teh Cotswolds, Voet C fur bofe and voet D fur Mt McKinley.


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