Oh, Deh Horror!!

Luk!!  Just luk at dis emayo I gotted frum Upfi adn ower Princess Mu!!!  How can deh Real Whirrld b sew crewel??!?!?!?!? *fawllz down sobbing*

Dear CweenMJ,


Princess Mu has sent me an emayo and asked me to tell the cheezpeeps. Wud u be so kind and postify this on the Cheez Town Cryer for all teh cheezfrenz to see? And iffn sumbuddy needs the emayo of our dearly belubbed Princess, pweeze to contact me on mai profile and ai’ll whispur it in ur ear!

*curtseys again*

Lubs from Upfi


Princess Mu sez:

My home computer is very slow. The other problem is that not only am I banned from ICHC at work, but they have also banned me now from going to the cryer or responding via web post on cheese frens.
Please say hi to every one for me and let tehm know that I can still be reached via email and I can respond to personal emails but not via teh web post linky.
Thanks alot


11 thoughts on “Oh, Deh Horror!!

  1. teh hyuuuuuge manatee! ai tew am neerlee banned frum ichc heer at werk.. ai feelz ur payne! butt (!) noez dat wii awl lubs u deerlee an sind teh beems tew owr deer princess!

  2. OOooh NOOooes!

    Ai has a sad taht reealitee iz b-ing so krewel 2 owr b-lubd Princess Mu! O.O

    { { { { { Laura (Princess Mu) } } } } }

    Hugs n cheezluv,
    FreeLion / Wiz (Roger )

  3. Poor liddle Princess…..teh wifdrawil mus be hugemendous…..sending beemz of warmf an lubs tu yu…alwaiz! (RL contiunz to innerfear wif mai Cheez life!)

  4. AAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE! Taht is teh horribol! {{{{Princess Mu}}}} u is in our harts an pleez come tew see us weneber u can!

    *grumblez* stoopywurknawtlettinourfrendzhazaneefunbooawntehm.

  5. Why? Whut duz da PrincessMu do to dem? She workz bery hard and doez a gud job. Dis iz nawt fair. Dis is a noutrage!
    ai sorri you cannawt play wif us as much. Ai hopez dat you can get faster ‘puter at hoem and faster networks.

  6. Sad noos indeed!!

    NAWT awnlee crewel fur hur – but fur us, hoo ar deprived ov her moast charming company.

    *fawls down beside cweenmj an weeps an rends teh cloaze.*

    Where ar teh ashes???? Ai need sum ashes to heep upawn mai hed! 😦

  7. Oh, PM! wii B missing U, and ai hoaps dat yoo kann gits a noo pooter at hoam–maykes a hew-yewg diff. Sumthyme! Dont ‘pose yoo can gits on facebook, eever? I juss started up dare, and wood welcome yoo as fren!

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