2 Bitz uv Sad Nooz

lolnascar says:

hai gais! I be doin ok, altho my oldman kitteh is not :-( Kidney’s are the fail :-( I gots him at home on teh IV’s tho…hopefully i can get him to the point of maintaining on the sub-que fluids.

gremlin says:

I wanted to chime in here with sum sad gnus: and to say pleez to sending owt beems for PB2K, hooz kitteh (hoo wuz 15 and had a seezure yestiday) just krosst teh brij. I do nawt noes if she will be online today, but she and JD – teh kitteh hoo is left – ar sadly greeving her Zoli kitteh.

I hope she wuld nawt mynd mah sharing this info she rote to teh cheezfrenz list:

“Ms. Zoli went into the closet, hauled out her flying carpet, gave me a schmoo on the nose and a hedbonk on my heart and flew over the Rainbow Bridge.” – from PB2K

I has ritinged owr cween, to ask her to let teh Nite Watchman gno to be on teh lukkowt. And I noes owr kittehs hoo has gon befor us will be welkuming her Zoli at teh Meddow today.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{PB2K and Zoli and JD}}}}}}}}}}}


13 thoughts on “2 Bitz uv Sad Nooz

  1. PB2K,JD, Sweet Zoli and LolNascar:

    Sorry no lolspeak. I’m not very good at it, and couldn’t even begin to try today.

    My heart and tears go out to you. I know your anguish. I lost my sweet perfect dog yesterday – after a month of ups and downs with his health. I didn’t sleep the entire time. I was sick with worry, and yesterday, my worst fears came true. I had to put him to sleep. I held his head in my hands when they did it, and clung to him afterwards like my life depended on it (it did.)

    There is nothing that can take away this pain – NOTHING. I know time will help, but so much of me was lost when I lost him. I would do ANYTHING to take away your sadness because I know how much mine hurts.

    Just know that I know how unbearably painful it is to watch them when they’re sick, and so much more painful it is to be the one to help them out of their suffering.

    I’m not a very religious person, but God Bless you and God Bless our precious babies…

  2. Oh, aim so sorri, PB2K and Turbofloof. Ai kno teh Nite Watchmen will see taht yur bebbehs find freinds in the meadow. LolNascar–Aim sending beems an keepin mii fingers crosst.

  3. Eebin eff I didn no the Zoli kitteh or Turbofloof’s puppeh I cries sad teers for your sadnesses and for remembering Doo Doo the original Catnip Junkie. But also happeh teers to knows how loved these companyons were and will always be. {{{{{{hugs}}}}} from Kittehmom, Fluffball and Twoie to all the Cheezpeeps

  4. PB2K, an Turbofloof, Many, many hugs to you both. I know the pain you are in, I’m sure all of us do. The bebbehs just go to fast. Seems like you just got this tiny little kitteh, and in a blink it is 15 years later and time to say good-bye. The good memories will always be right there in your heart, for you to bring out and look at whenever you want. I know from what I have read on here that the Nite Watchman will keep an eye out for them, and they will have many, many friends waiting for them. I am so, so sorry for your losses.
    LOLNascar, many beems and hugs coming your way, and schmooes for the fur-bebbeh of your heart.
    Lub tu awl

  5. PB2K and Turbofloof, I am sorry for your loss. You and your beloved companions are in my thoughts and prayers. I believe the Nite Watchman will make the transition easy. Pleeze to b remembering all da wonderful memoriez…in ur heart forever…

    Lolnascar– have the strength to be the best doctor you can be and the wisdom to be guided by your shmoo-headed fur-bebbeh. Prayers and thoughts to you and yours.

  6. PB2K adn Turbofloof: the things we do for our furry friends and the things they do for us can never be totaled. When they come into our lives, we give our hearts wholly. When the leave our lives, they leave such a hole in our hearts we know it can never be filled. This is furry pet law. After all these pets I have had throughout my life, each one has left a hole. But each new one comes in and makes my heart bigger. I still shed tears when I see a cheezpeep has lost a furry friend, and it makes me think of all my losses.
    I weep with you. I give you all my huggs {{{{{}}}}}. I know the NiteWatchman welcomes your furry friends into the Princess Mu meadow. They are in good company. Rest easy my friends. We will join them one day and will be made whole again.

    • OK – what a sweet sentiment: “furry pet law”…I have lived through that too, even as recently as a month ago.
      PB2K and turbofloof – you have my sympathies.
      lolnascar – your old man kitty is truly blessed…
      and yes, the eyes are leaky fur awl teh cheezefrens who struggle wif teh awfullest decision, but in teh end help teh furry wons tu their final rest.

  7. Thx gais. Thx cween for posting my litlol update. I’ve been terrrbly lax in postin, but i lurk daily 🙂

    I be getting Wheez into werk tomorrow to check his renal values, see how much 3 days on IV ‘s helped him. We will put new IV catheter in and run moar fluids while i wait for results. The bestest part of being a vetteck is getting sheshul treatment whens the pashunt is urs!!

    I already expressed condolences on ICHC for PB, iz so sad to loose a furreh fren. And hugs to ((turbo))…tis verreh sad time. I try to rely on the thoughts that if you are able to make the decision to end their pain, then you ought to be commended and relieved. You’ve taken that burden on yourself, and you’ve been brave for them. You’ve helped them when they needed you most! I know it’s not easy. I see it almost every day I go to work and I’ve been there myself with my own dogs and cats…it is THE HARDEST decision to make, but it is the right one, it is a gift you give to end their suffering. Please be at peace with that.

  8. Update…Wheez’s kidney values went down with the IV’s but so did his red blood cell count. We will add med to help the anemia…recheck in few days.

    Thx >^,,^<

  9. All my thoughts go out to you at this sad time.
    May the memories of the happy times gradually replace the sadness you are feeling now.

    {{{{{{{{lolnascar, PB2K and turbofloof}}}}}}}}

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