Gizmo Finishez hur PeeAchDee

Lukk at dis lubblee note frum gizmo i fowndinged in mai emayoz dis moarning!

Ohai ebberywun! as sum uf yu wil no, ai has bene rytin mai PeeAchDee fur elebenty yeers adn tuday – ai finalloly submittid! ai has a huj happeetayl adn wanted tu fank all teh cheezfrends fur maykin cheezland such a lubberly plaice tu come adn play! wen teh reeserch was teh pleh adn ai needed a brayk adn sum cheering up, cheezland adn its wunnermus peeps awlways mayd me fele bedder. ai cudnt haf dun it wifowt yu awl! {{{cheezfrens}}}

18 thoughts on “Gizmo Finishez hur PeeAchDee

  1. We AWL has such a hyooge prowd !!!!!…what an amazing acheevmint! Congratulations…time for sillybratin!

  2. dansdansdansdansdans! iz moast wunnerful nooz! ai noes izza berree hard fing tew dew, awl dat reesurch an ritin’ an stoopy meetinks wif kumm-itt-ee…
    conga rats!!

  3. O, Gizmo! Ai hassa beeg Prawd ob yoo! Yoo issa inspire yay shun 2 us awl! (pleez 2 unstoopy mii, doh…whut is yore dessertayshun tawpik?) *waytes wiffa auntie-pizzzacation*

    • ohai, kitkay! fankees fur teh kynd werds 🙂 ai righted mai PeeAchDee on Gothic in littyrachur adn illustraytd werks (e.g. comics/grapffic novles) – it wus bery fun butt (!) ai has a huuj happee dat its ober…!

  4. Oh, da Happienezz!!!!! Nao 4 da translationz into lol-speek! Wat a pic-mee-up 4 a dai needin som ‘spirationz! u iz dat 4 mee!

  5. {{{{{gizmo}}}}} Dis such a nauspishus dai. Nao, gibe your poor brain a rest adn hab sum funs. Donut worry bout da next few munfs, tings will take care ob demselves. You hab dun a wondermous job. Writings adn researches such hard fings to do, butt iz dun adn ober adn you can haz a humongous prowd.
    *dat’ll do, dat’ll do*

  6. Conga rats to you, Gizmo! I’ve not done a Ph.D., but work at a university, so have seen generations of people working hard for years toward this goal … I am so delighted for you!

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