Kafleen Hoofz deh Trollz

Dis update on ower deer donkee kummingz frum idansdansdans:

Ohai, ebrybuddy..

I wantd to let u nowe taht owr deer frend iz dewing bedder.  She haz alreddy adoptified tohse arownd hur hoo duzzint haz sumbuddy to pertek dem from peeps who wood try to make tehm feel bad abowt tehmselfs..   Iznt taht just like owr sweet donkey gurl?  She gibs a hoofin to teh trolls.. no matter ware dey lurkz!!

It is a trooly wundermus fing taht haz hapint heer in Cheezland..   Teh most treemendus owtporing ov love adn caring  in teh whirrled..  Howsumeber, it wood only be a surpriz to sum buddy not nowing teh unselfish kind uv love taht abownds heer..
I have sint all ov ur notes  to kafleen frum ebryware tehy wuz postid or sent so she can haz a smile eech dai.. and so she nowes how much she iz mist..

It will be abowt a week or so till teh next update…  Thanks from all for teh beems adn prayers adn thinking ov gud thots.  It seems to be wurking!!


14 thoughts on “Kafleen Hoofz deh Trollz

  1. Oh, idansdansdans! taht iz such gud gnus! pleez be tew tellin her agin abowt how we lubs her and wants teh best fur her…she iz a wundermus cheezfrend, an ai doan want her tew be feelin so much pain from teh world. My offer uv a Protector Bear still stands…teh Baron haz halped me thru such hard times, ai noze how much a bear can halp. Sum peeps maybe thinkin taht iz silly, but, but! Could nawt hab gotten thru teh tr0ll’s bad times wifout teh Baron, so, and so! ifn she iz wantin a protecktor Bear, ai will be gettin her one POSTHASTE! (an ai will fill him wiff teh lubs afore ai sends him…well…just let her know!

    • Fanks sew mush, sunnyhuckle… she nowes.. taht she iz luvluvluved to pieces bai all ov us!! Nuffing iz silly taht hurts nobudy adn helps u thru bad tymes. Ur offer is generus adn grayshus.. Just teh thot ov having such a wundermus protektor wood make a peepl feel safer, strongr adn moar able to fite teh fite!! He looks like he wood be a grand troll fiter!! Thankz 4 ur considirit offer adn kind werds.. Thankz to ebbrybudy! I nowe kafleen iz stronger becuz ov all ov her Cheezfrends..

    • Fanks sunnyhuckle. Da bear represent healing in my culture so nice choice.
      I hope she gets better and comes back to da fold. She is lucky to has a friend like you and others helbing her at this time. May the great creator be with her.

      • ai did nawt noze taht abowt teh bear, ai only noze taht teh Baron haz got me thru minny hard tymes, iz wye him iz my abatar, wif teh tr0ll an awl, an teh brane lesions, aifinkso some bed tymes iz comin. Juss a feeling…an ai hopes ai am rong, but! Fankees fur teh info, 5eagles!

  2. ai donut finkso ai has had teh happeeniss uf talkifying wif kaffleen on teh lols yet (ai cant come tu play as oftin as ai wud lyk – stoopy werk!) – Butt (!) eben sew, ai wud lyk to send beems adn schmoos tu ower frendlee nayborhud donkey! aihopeso dat we cann haf teh chans tu meet on teh lols sune. {{kaffleen}} adn {{idansdansdans}}

  3. Oh, ai jus lufs her.

    ai am makin up a care pakidge to sen awt of naise fings that wil keep til she can enjoy dem. ifn anywun wants to send sumfing for me to put in teh bawks, let me know by e-meowing me at arrani at wildmail dot com.


  4. Oh, Fankee, idansdansdans, for making sure we know how owr beautiful donkey is doing! I has such a happitail knowing she is doing better!!! Maybe when she comes home toCheezland, we could have a bigbigbig party for her? An maybe a dansdansdans in her honour? Wif lots an lots ob waffles!!! Please tell her i lubs an misses her, and send *beems*, and * bonks*, an *schmoezz* to her!

    {{{{{Kafleen}}}}} {{{{idansdansdans}}}}}
    3kom (Cindy)

  5. Keep on coming Kafleen we miss you and need you!!
    (besides, you still owes me a purtend hoofin for taht purtend trollin iz done)
    {{{{{{{{{{{donkee lady}}}}}}}}}}}

    • I’m out! I is free! And now I muss to takez care ub biddness….

      I owes u a hoofin and u hassnt gotten wun yet, krelm???

      Oh, dat is dissasstruss!!

      *donkey turns away, snickering, den wipps arown wiff a feerce face!*

      *Points hoofy at krelm*

      Oh, now you is gonna gettit!!!

      Take dat! (throws a deelishus turtle pie)
      an dat! (throws a tasty banana cream)
      an Dat!! (tosses a cream cheese/pudding dessert with sprinkles into teh air and backkicks it)
      and DIS! (squirts krelm wiff a biggggg bottle of wippy cream.)

      Hmph!! I gess I gabes U teh wutt furr!!!!

      …….r u sufferin yet?

      um….duz u needs help gettin dat off? 😀

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