Sad Noooz

Dis b frum MamaCat.  I sending hur awl mai lubz.

Ohai mai cween. wee haz teh bad gneuz. teh daughter in law kitteh and teh son kitteh haz a sad cawz deh bebbeh boi deh wuz tu be hav een iz nawt live no moar. deh iz at horspitail, waateen fur deh bebbeh tu bee borned, but iz a sad cawz we no he nawt com to say hi, but tu say bi. cud haz lotz ob gud thots and wishys? hubby cat naow haz deh fweu too, so iz bad tiem here. needz all gud thots enny one can send!
Mama Cat

32 thoughts on “Sad Noooz

  1. BEEMS tu hole fambily….dere am nuffin a pur owld turtlol can say, sew awl Ai can sez iz how sorry I am to hear of this, and I will keep effury in my thots and prayers.

  2. Ai am so sawry foar teh loss uv the behbeh. Wen wun leeves, teh behbeh goes to hebben and waits foar that day wen they can be togevver. But it iz still so hard and so very, very sad. {{{{{MamaCat and Fambly}}}}}}}

  3. MamaCat and Family. My heart goes out to you all, I have experienced this same pain 5 times myself…my one and only daughter was the only survivor of 12 pregnancies, I had a little boy born at 26 weeks but he only survived about 45 minutes. I know that all of my babies are with me in Spirit..your little grandson will always be with him by name and talk to him ,just as you would have if he had survived the journey into this world. He will send you love and help with your healing too.
    I am sending you all loving beams of light and healing. My tears as I write this are tears of understanding and love.

  4. sunnyhuckle I can not tell you how sorry I am. My tears and prayers are for you and your family tonight and hope that you all will find some peace in this terrible time. {{{Mammacat and family}}}

  5. Mamacat and family – I know the pain you feel. Out of my five pregnancies, only two made it to full term. Sometimes when I look at my two beautiful daughters, I wonder what my other 3 children would have looked like. I guess I’ll find out when I meet them in heaven. My prayers go out to you and your family. Your many, many friends in Cheezland grieve for your loss. Have you seen Cweenmj’s nitewatchman story on the 2pm LOL today? May it comfort you. There is a new angel in heaven watching over you. Peace and love.

  6. Tank awl ob u, iz very hard rite naow, butt wee are coping as best as can be expected. The inducing is still happening, which is making this even harder, waiting to deliver a little boy no longer with us.
    Cween, oh Cween, how can I ever thank you for your wonderful, caring, oh so loving words? I shall share the nightwatchmans story with jeremy and sylvia when they are doing a bit better, because I think it will help them much. thank all of my family here in cheezeland, i love you all so much.
    Mama Cat, off to try and fix her darn leaky eyes….

  7. MamaCat, this is so very sad. You and your family have my deepest sympathy, and are in my thoughts and prayers.

    {{{{{{{{{{MamaCat and Family}}}}}}}}}}

  8. and, and, Mama Cat? When you miss him so much, and your heart cries for the loss of this child, please, please, close your eyes and go to visit the Nite Watchman. Sit with him, and have a cup uv tea, and tell him of your hopes and plans and wishes that are all gone suddenly. And, and, he will share with you the story of one small baby boy, and how he rode the carousel with the Nite Watchman, and how he stopped crying and cooed at the music and the motion and the whole love of cheezland that he was feeling. Hold the Nite Watchman’s hand, and drink a cup of tea, and feel all the love of cheezland that embraces you. And know that this baby boy felt it too, before he drifted away across the bridge. All the comfort of cheezland and your cheezpeeps is with you and your family now, as we try to cushion you from the loss and pain. We would gladly share out your sorrow, and make it less…and we would gladly watch the tears of your family as they turn to rainbows, and remind you of one small life, and how much he was loved as he passed briefly through our world. Peace of heart be with you, Mama Cat…peace be with you.

  9. Luv and beams of comfort and peace are aimed in your direction MamaCat. We are all one here in Cheelzland.. When one of ours hurts we all feel the pain. I am so sorry for your family’s tragic loss.

  10. {{{{{{{{{Mamacat and family}}}}}}}}} As others have said, no words can express the sadness we feel for your loss. But always remember, neither can words express the love we feel for you and yours.

    My thoughts and prayers go with you and your family.

  11. Deer Mama Cat! This is jut TOOOO sad fur werds. I am so sorry. I wish there would be something we could do – or say. And I know there is not.

    But just know, as I’m sure you do, that we are all sorrowing with you.
    {{{{{{Sylvia and Jeremuy}}}}}}}

  12. Ooh MamaCat:
    I am so, so sorry for you and your family! The same thing happened to me with my first pregnancy. Make sure you all take time to grieve the loss of the baby. I tried to put it away and pretend everyting was OK when it wasn’t and it lead to problems later. Hubby and I almost broke up because I closed up all emotions. But, we didn’t. We got help and we are together 14 years with 2 great children. I still sometimes wonder if that first baby would have been the son I have now and God recycled him back to us, or if we would have had someone else. Plant a tree for the baby and know if is necessary to cry and feel bad and be angry. It will get better. Love and beams to your whole family!

  13. My sincere sympathies to MamaCat and all those who posted with their own stories.
    Each lost child is a special star in the heavens above.

  14. All my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time. May you find support in each other’s love, and the love of the cheezpeeps.
    {{{{{{{{{{MamaCat adn fambly}}}}}}}}}}}}

  15. {{{{{{Mamacat&Family}}}}}}
    love straight from the heart to all of you, especially your son and duaghter-in-law. I hope this grief brings you all closer and makes their trust and faith and love in each other stronger and deeper. Bless you all.

  16. Thank you, all. Jeremy just called and it sounds like it will soon be over, by tomorrow morning we hope. The waiting is very hard, since we know we are just waiting to say goodbye. All of your stories and heart felt words have helped me soooo much. Thank you all, from all of us.

  17. Oh, Mamacat, I wish there was a way a stranger far away could take away just a bit of your sadness so you and your family had less. I would volunteer because nobody should have such a loss. I hope all these comments from friends and from friends you haven’t met yet can take away just a little, and replace it with love from the universe and from me.

  18. Mamacat, I’m coming in very late, but wanted to say that my thoughts are with you and your family. I have very close friends who have been through the same thing and I know how hard it is to bear.
    Martoonie / SJ

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