Sunnyhuckle’s Troll Need Beemz

i just gottid dis in mai emayo.

Oh my cween, culd pleez be tew postifying? This girl culd yoos sum hugs. Took teh tr0ll to teh docs awn Toosday, an they mri’ed hims brayne agin, It seems teh brayne lesions iz spreddin, an they iz wantin (finedally!) tew dew a biopsy. They wuz thinkin taht wut wuz in hims lungs wuz teh same as wut iz in hims brayne, and teh lung lesions awl cleered up, so they wuz nawt too worried. But! and…but! teh brayne lesions is spreddin, an they wants him at teh docs awn Toosday next, an probly do a biopsy uv teh brayne awn Windyday next. Pleez tew send beems, ifn ennywon haz enny left. Fankees,

51 thoughts on “Sunnyhuckle’s Troll Need Beemz

  1. Beems, schmoooooses, hugs n lubs to u n ur troll, sunnyhuckle. CC graces 1st n foarmost. My hart goes out to u.

  2. Beems, hugs, hedbonks adn schmoooses, Ai haz plenty. Yu adn teh trOll kin hab awl yu wantz adn more beesydes. Ai tells yu whut tu du, yu takes a owld skarf adn a owld pare ob mittenz or glubs (teh softsoftsoft kind, not leathur) adn yu sewsewsew one glub tu each endz ob teh skarf. Whinebber yu bii needingz a hug, wrap teh skarf round ur sholdurs, hold teh glubs lyke yu bii holdinz handz, close yur eyes adn yu kin feel teh hugz frum yur cheezland frendz. Iz Truu. Reely reely wurkz. Mah dotter gived mi wun she mayde in teh kinneygarden, years ago, adn it still wurkz! Nebber runz owt ob hugz!!! Amazeing!!!!!

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{sunnyhuckle adn hur trOll}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

      • LOLspeak off…
        My daughter made two, and gave the other one to Gramma. When my Mom passed away, my Dad put the hug in her coffin. He said he couldn’t let her go to Heaven without a hug. God bless that kindergarten teacher.

      • Troolee!!!! Fankees sew mush – ai gunna maeking hugs foar ebreewun ai noes, an eggstraw wun foar teh peepuls ai nawt met yet. Toadlee toadlee ossum!

    • dis is awsumist fing! it awlso made meh cry liddel bit. Gramma wood haf appreshiatud teh hugs adn teh luv, ifinkso.
      iawlsofinkso wen teh babeh finnally cums owt ob mai belleh ai will mowstly bees makin won ob dem tu!

      i hab a sad fur trowl adn yu sunny. teh sickyniss is nawt nise fing. i beemz tu yu lots ob teh heeling fings; teh cristuls, teh hawt chokkylit, teh frendlist hugs adn chikkun soop.

      awl mah luvs tu yu and yoors x

    • That is the most wonderful story. I think I will make some for my friends for when they are having a hard time. Thank you very much for sharing that. {{{Momchan}}}

  3. Dear Sunny,sending you and you Troll lots of beemz of Healing Love and Light. I’ve asked my daughter and my like-minded friends to send lots to you as well. Never give up!
    Hugz and Hedbonks from my heart to you both.

  4. awww, sunnyhuckle, dis nawt whut ai wanted to heer tunite. ‘Taint fair. Juss ‘taint fair. Alla da hard werk bof uv you been doin and den dis haz tu happen.
    Lubs, hugs, beems to you adn trOll. Ai fink ai be borrowing Kafleens hoofies to gib da brayne lesions a gud hoofin.

  5. Oh my dear sunny. I am so sorry to hear this. Butt if the doctors think that this is the same thing that was in his lungs, and that went away, the odds are greatly in his favor that these will go away with treatment, also. I will be saying many, many prayers for DaVE AND YOU.
    i AM GONNA GIVE YOUMY PHONE NUMBER IN A PROFILE MESSAGE, CALL ME ANYTIME YOU NEED TO TALK. i THINK WE ARE 3 OR MAYBE 4 HOURS DIFFERENCE, BUT i AM ALWAYS UP TILL AT LEAST ..Damnation! Just looked up and saw that capslock was on, so sorry, I wasn’t meaning to yell at you. Anyway, I am always up til at least 1:30est.

    {{{{{{{{{{sunny and Dave}}}}}}}}}} Much lubs and BEEMS(on hai) *bonks andschmoooes.

  6. Oh, Sunnyhuckle, I am sorry. Teh long drawn out illnesses is sumfing I

    has had teh fortune not to have to experience. No parfaits or wafflols

    can fix dem.

    Dis be teh furst troll I has a soft spot furr. I read about why you callz him

    Troll. Dat wur an amazing post. I see noaw why u has a tenderness to


    *tentatively approaches Troll*

    Mr. Troll, wud u bee so kind as too honor me with your presence and

    accompany me to my special magical place called Donkey Island?

    I know dat maybe a few peeps know a bit about dis magiklol place, butt

    prolly nawt many, and nawt to teh eggstent dat it is. It is teh moast

    fabuluss place in teh whirrled.

    When the Crazy Donkey Gurl Hyper Brain created dis place, she

    imagined moast awesome things happening. I imagined my Donkey self

    magicklolly creating dis place wiff Magiklol Lubs Power, and inviting teh

    cheeze frends and my family to come.

    Dey wud come by plane, den board a boat. Dey will be cruising in a

    bootimuss boat togeddur wiff eggsitment, wondering about wutt it will be


    Dey will see Donkey Island in teh distance, shining, and dey eyes will get

    big and dey will get all quiet. It will shine wiff a miraculluss sparkle.

    When dey gets dere I will be waiting, like Fantasy Island, in a lavender

    and white gown. My BFF, Carol, will be beside me, her invisiblol

    fairy/angel wings/lights now showing. We will greet teh visitors wiff huge

    happies. Den we will tell dem to enter Donkey Island, you has to walk

    through teh Magiklol waterfall, and become Whole. Only den can you

    appreciate what Donkey Island has to offer.

    Some people are not ready to become Whole. I suspect my father will

    say, “Kathleen, dat is verreh nice, but it just isn’t for me,” and he will get

    back on teh boat. Dat will be sad. I will announce to teh Yes peeps dat

    mah mommeh gets to go first. I will has to coax her…she almost

    drowned wunts, and dussunt like water over her head. She is brave tho,

    and will go in. She was shot wunts, and has a bad leg wiff a big gouge in

    it, and arthritis cuz of it and limps a bit. Always had to be carefuls wiff it.

    She has scars and breast cancer gouges too, and burn marks from

    scalding. She be hurted frum head to toe.

    She will pass through teh waterfall and feel an incredible tingling, sort of

    like teh Velveteen Rabbit felt when he just HAD to dance. And come

    out on the other side…WHOLE. Everything fixed. And she will squeal

    wiff glee, and join teh uddur “rabbits” by bounding off too teh

    funns….bouncy fields and fountainy pools and all kinds of fings,…..she

    will be able to run and hop and bee freeeeee!!!

    Den dey will all heer her, and crowd up, crying out wiff eggsitement as

    dey pass throo teh fountain and become 100% whole again, like we wuz

    Meant To Be.

    Oh, Mr. Troll, you are invited to Donkey Island! Come see me, and

    take my hand!! You and Sunny can pass through teh majiklol waturfall

    and be whole again. And you can bounce and play and frolick and

    nebbur be sad or wanting. You can always leave, butt moast doan’t

    wunt to. It r too lubburlee heer. It r endless and eggspandabull.

    I gibs u a waterfall of lubs. It r from my soul and my majinashun, and it r

    teh best I has to gib, sort ub like teh little drummer boi. I is a poor

    donkey, and I gibs you teh best wish I has.

    Donkey lubs and schmoos and hugs to you and Sunny and yours.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Troll and


    • oh, Kafleen, taht izz teh MOASTEST lubblollee playse! Owur nu Bebbeh Aynjull, owur preshuss Bebbeh Aiden, aifinkso wud lurv tu bissit yur majiklol eyeland wair hims kud frolik adn plae. Whut a wunnurfull playse yu has kawnjoored upz foar awl uv uss!

    • Kafleen, your Donkey Island sounds so beautiful. How wonderful for all of us in Cheezland, to have The Meadow AND your amazing Donkey Island! Thank you for allowing us to share your special place, and the love that comes from your heart by inviting us. You are a very caring, loving soul and we are thankful that you share in our lives.
      Ihaz leeki eyez, deys happi leekis tho. Much love to you, and again, thank you.

    • Ai senz menny menny beems 2 troll and sunnyhuckle. Be strong, dat’s all u kan bee, teh bests u kan giv. Ai knowz.

      Dis island such lubly plais~! kud ai mebbe senz mai preshus preshus Judy dere sumtymz? she wuz teh deerest wun to me eber, but she hadz teh hartsikness (kunjesstiv hart failyur) an aftr twenny yeerz togedder she had 2 leeve me an kross teh bridj all alonelies. Taht wuz 2 yeerz ago nao an still hurtz me to rememmer teh dai. she will alwais be mai sweethart. ==if she passt thru yr magiklol sparklee waterfall, it wudz heel her poor hart, rite? an she wudz have no moar pain dere?
      dat wudz be teh best evar.

      Pleez lets me noe if dis wudz be ok, an I will magine her dere. Tanks so much for sharin dis place.

  7. Deer Sunny adn Troll, mai forts adn beems come flying acraws teh oshun to yu.
    {{{{{{{{sunnyhuckle and troll adn fambly}}}}}}}

  8. Oh Sunnyhuckle,I’m so sorry for you and Troll.
    I am sending you a big bunch of beams today and will send you more and more every day. I hope you get good news from the biopsy.
    (Please translate this into Cheezespeak,as I’m not fluent yet)

  9. {{{{{sunnyhuckle and troll}}}}} Sending many beams your way! Best of luck with the biopsy. I used to be a neurosurgery nurse, so if you have questions please feel free to send them my way. I may not know the answers, but I’m good at finding them!

  10. Sunny–Kepe hangin in tehre. Itz onnii in teh moveez taht peppulz get beddur wif no stumbullz ur surprizez. 4 teh rest uv uz, itz 2 stepz fourword an one step back, wif awr fengurs crost awl teh tiem. Aim sendin lotz uv beems to yu an yur troll. {{{S+T}}}

  11. Oh, dear Sunnyhuckle, Iz sew bery sorry dat u an teh troll iz going thru wut u iz goin thru. U haz alredy had sew much hartake, but still iz alwaiz dere 4 teh rest ov us cheezpeeps wif a thotful wish or strong healing beams. U ar bof in mai hart, an teh beams ar on high to help give u strenf to get thru tihs new challinj. {{{{Sunnyhuckle & Dave}}}}

  12. {{{{{{sunnyhuckle adn hurz troll}}}}}} Hedbonks, purrs, adn beembeemsbeems tu yu adn yur troll. Awl mai bestest prairz and thawtz arr wif yu bofe.
    SHMOOOOOS tu yu!

  13. *BEEMS…BEEMS…BEEMS* awn soopur hie!!!!

    ai ar lukin owt mai windoe et wurk….
    luks dew souf tew sunnyhuckle an troll….
    ai sind mai beems frew da pleh reign an kold…
    dey ar beems ob warme sommur daze…
    wif da sweet sent ob sunnyhuckel an jazmin awn da breez….
    kittehs chais flutterbiis inn da gardin…..
    an watchin burdiez tweetin inn da treez….
    beez bumblolin tu an frum da mini flours…
    lawng, lazee sommur daze ob peas an joi…


  14. Sunnyhuckle and Troll, we be holdin yoo in owr harts, liftin yoo up for strength and healing and currij. BEEEMS on hi frum mah hart to yors.

    Kafleen, that wuz wun of teh most amazing deskripshuns I has ever read. I readings with leaky eyz and warm hart. Wun day I too shall hope to see yor speshul island, and together we shall awl be made Whole.

    Sending cheezlub and comfort to {{{{{{{awl owr belubbed cheezies hoo be hurtin}}}}}} – frum Yor Gremlin

  15. Sunnyhuckle! Dis jus isn’t right, is it? You have such a strong to be able to handle dis–just one minit at a tyme, that will get you thru! I have the Hi Beems on for you, going across da states to find you and keep you safe till things are better. AI hopes the troll comes thru this like he did the lung nasties, and you 2 will find sum peace! My lubs to u foth


  16. aim sendin a jijantic bo-kay ov da most perfumiest flawers rapped in wishin-beems 4 u adn bebbeh kitteh troll. boff ov u b beddur. {{{{{{{hugz-beemz}}}}}}}

  17. thank you so much for all the good beams and the caring. The biopsy probably won’t be as bad as itsounds. I’ve been dead once and only my girl’s fortitude (and the kitties)brought me back that time.It is hard to translate from troll to english to kittiespeak,so,Iput this in plain english. Thank You one and all for all your good wishes and support. Don’t stop ever. The 5 of us really appricate you one and all. THANK YOU


    • We are all here for you both!! Sending all the healing beams, thoughts and prayer to both of you. Hold fast to each other (and the kittys) and love each other dearly, as is evident you both do. Get well soon! Prayers going up!

    • Ohai Sunny’s Troll!

      *offers floofy paw of friendship* So nice to see you here! Sending you Beeeeeams of healing and healthiness and wishes for all good things and smooth sailing for you and the awesome Sunny.

    • *extends floofy paw of friendship* it is so nice to finally meet you! we love sunnyhuckle and through her we have gotten to know and love you. Beams and prayers of healing and comfort for you both!

  18. Sunny, here come moar beems for yu and teh Tr0ll. An infinite number of beams. Bright beams of pure light, bathing the two of you in healing and in love. All kinds of healing, and all kinds of strength. I wish you the help and support of friends, and the cooperation of all medical peoples, and every other good thing. {{{{{{Sunnyhuckle & Tr0ll}}}}}}

  19. I could not figure out the troll thing until now.LOL (a)
    Well brother Troll, only through love and the great power of healing prayers I can see nothing but sunshine and a great life ahead of you. This circle of friends you have, will surround you and keep you safe and well. I have asked The great bear of the North to come to you and watch over you. Remember keep smiling and laughing cause that release the bad energy from you body. AHOO.

  20. Sunnys Troll, Sending more prayers, hopes and wishes and *beems*on high for you, that your biopsy be nothing serious, and you continue on your road to recovery.
    Your sunny is one very special lady, and a very good friend to all. We lubs her wifafeerce!!
    Good luck, and may God bless.
    3kittehsownme (Cindy)

  21. *NW joyns teh Cheezfrends Surcol ob Strenfs arownd Troll an Sunnyhuckle*
    *hands … um … sumfing? tu teh Cheezfrend awn eevur sied ob hur*

    Ohai, Troll an Sunny! Ai sew sawree tu heering yu has maor angshus tiems – yu such lublee peepols, an ai wishis ai cud maek dis awl beddur foar yu boaf. *sighs, but smyols tu*

    *sez kwaitlee tu teh waeting Cheezfrends*
    Cud yu eech taek wun ob dees, an den pass teh rest awn, pls? An yu can putting dem awn wenebbur yu bees reddee.

    *Sumfing [is nawt kleer wut eggzaklee] bees past frum Cheezfrend tu Cheezfrend arownd teh Surcol*
    * 😯 Wun bai wun, teh Cheezfrends vanishis, an bees inbisibol!!*
    *ownlee NW bees stil der, an seh smyols at Troll an Sunny*

    Doan wurree – awl ur Cheezfrends stil bees heer wif yu, stil heer in teh Cheezfrends Surcol of Strenf. Is jus dat, ur Dr. Tinycats mite sae ders tu mennee ob us tu bee cumin in wif yu, an mite maek us nawt bee der wif yu tu halping gibs yu Strenf wif owr lubs. Sew, ai brottid teh Cloeks ob teh Inbisibiltee foar us tu waring, an ur Dr. Tinycats wil nebur noes wii bees der wif yu. But yu’le noes, bicaws yu’le feel teh jentil tuchis ob teh lubbing an heeling beems frum owr harts tu yors. Weel awl bee der wif yu, an yu wil noes ur nawt aloan fru dis.

    *NW seams tu shaeking owt … sumfing. An as dis … sumfing settols jentlee rownd hur sholdurs, NW tu faeds frum site*

    Wii’r awl stil heer wif yu. Jus feel wif ur harts, an yu’le feel owr harts tuching urs. Wii’r awl her wif yu, an wii nawt wil goes awae unless yu wantings us tu.

    • aww, nicestwitch, yoo haz so much good in yoo! like kafleen, and Princess Mu, an awl teh cheezfrens, awl teh imijinshuns creates so much byooty an lubs, sigh, sumtymes ai wish ai cud be crawlin rite into teh pyooter an lib dere foreber, visiting eech uv yoo in turn, an seeing wut ai culd do to halp, or juss being a grashus guest an injoying teh company. (like um whats-hims-nayme, teh elephant ridin boy, in teh old teebee, taht john prine sang abowt? cannawt merember hims name, but, but…ebbery week him wood ride hims elolofant into a gnu villij, an they wud be habbin teh trubbles, an…an…just by bein himself, him wood fixify awl teh problems, an then ride off awn hims elolofant!) but, at lees, ai can come heer in teh ebenings, an noze teh luv. thank yoo, won and awl, and teh tr0ll fankees too, altho him iz nawt up to teh typee tonite. oh…um…sawry…ai iz back, altho in teh innertoobs yoo didn’t noze ai wuz gawn…was Sabu, teh elolophant boy, yoosed to hab a show awn teh teebee, well, sumbuddy asides me probly merembers…ai wud be teh Sabu uv teh innertoobs, an ride into teh libes, and gib or take teh lubs, wutebber wuz needed, an then ride off awn my elolofant, an mebbee visit teh Nyte Watchman, an hazza cuppa tea, an snorgol teh kittehs…an then go awn to Donkey Island an walk fru teh waterfall…an then! ai wud pop into teh cween’s rolling palace, an mebbee shake hans wif Sir Kul, an forgib him fur rollin me down teh dunjon steps…oops! iz awf track heer!OH…wut a wunderful werld haz been made heer…cheezfrens iz teh awsum…teh 11, teh win…

  22. Sunnyhuckle, I’ve been away for a couple of days, and am so sorry to come back and hear this news. Many, many beams to you and your other half. He’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.
    {{{{{{{{{{Sunnyhuckle and hubby}}}}}}}}}}

  23. So sorry to read of your troubles. I’m sending heartfelt wishes and healing beems ur way. And toss in a swift kick to ur pleh work for making all of this even harder for u. {{{{{{{Sunnyhuckle adn TrOll}}}}}}}

  24. Many, many beems from heer. If u wud lik, ai will puts u both on the beem-chain from my Sunday-place. {{{{{{Sunny and Troll}}}}}

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