Mama Cat Home Frum Sir Jury

Oh Mai!! Luk at wut haz landinged in mai emayoz dis moarning!!

Oh deer, mai cween, cud u pwese postify for me, I justed got out of horspitail, went in suddenly for tummy hurt, come out free days later minus gall bladder! iz larning how tu eats again, ifn anyone haz any beamz left, cud use some. Am using up all bad luck at beginning of year, ifinkso!
Mama Cat


23 thoughts on “Mama Cat Home Frum Sir Jury

  1. Ob corse haz beamez for you! I’m new here(extends floofly paw of frindship with all pointyendz kept in) Hope you do much bedder wifout nasty gallbladder.
    Much hugs and purzz.

  2. Sympathies, beems, hugs, hedbonks n schmooooses to u, mamacat: been there, done that, do not have the tshirt!!! What sort of removal did u have? I had the laproscope(Spelling,sorry) type. U will be feeling better eventually. Be aware u might have runny bowels for a time, imodium takes care of that. Wun learns to live w/ it sigh. That might go away eventually also: thins take time. At least u won’t be feeling like uve been poisned if u eet the wrong thing accidently. Get some rest, iffen its possible. God’s(CC’s) grace n healing to u at this tiem.

  3. Dearest Mama Cat,

    You poor darling! I know it seems so unfair, for you to be having so many things happening in your life, in such a short space of time. I believe that God/the Universe have reasons for throwing awful curve-balls at us, but it would be really nice if we could be let in on those reaso. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works for us here on earth. I think that things happen, we don’t know why, so we learn the lesson of Trust. Trusting the Highest Power to know what is the right thing, at the right, for us. That said it’s still PLEH!
    I will ask for comfort and healing Angels to be with you, and also ask my daughter and my like-minded friends to pray, sending loving beams of Light and Healing to you. I will personally, ask for extra strong energy to be sent to you. After all, you’ve had your faith tested rather heavily in the last couple of weeks.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you, and your still-grieving family. May you Always have an angel by your side. Please get well soon.
    Love, Hugz and lots of Beams of Light.

  4. U kan kount on me 4 da beems ov pink adn goldin lite ov lubs adn heelin, wif som gen til hugz trown in 4 gud meszur. on it rite nao.

  5. Tank u ebrywun, i haz had deh pleh luck already dis year, and do nawt want no moar! first be sick wif flue, then lost grandbaby, den hubby get sick wif flue, now me hav unspected surgery, is pleh pleh pleh! is uzing up awl bad luckz at wunze for year, ifinkso! can’t set much, so can’t be at computer much, and still not eating, but am feeling awl deh beamz, we awl tank u! bebbeh funeral be dis coming saturday, wun day affer i go bak tu ducter, so cud use awl helps!
    Mama Cat

  6. Mama Cat, I am so sorry to hear of this latest Pleh to come in your life. As someone said upfred, been there, done that, my 8 inch scar, let me show you it. After, though,, felt really good, no more bad things floatin around in there.
    We always have beems, they automatically recharge as soon as we use them. Many, many *beems* on high to you for healing your heart, mind and soul, and GB surgery. CC will take care of you and not let you fall, just lean on Him.
    God Bless you, and your family. Schmooes and *bonks*
    3kittehsownme (Cindy)

  7. I had the laparoscopic surgery to remove my gallbladder about 18 years ago. It will take some time to learn what you can and cannot eat, but as time goes on, you will find you can tolerate more and more. I can eat just about anything now, and it won’t bother me. As Mitsubachicats said, imodium will be your friend for a while, but that will clear up. Just take care of yourself and your family.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Mamacat and family}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  8. *NW brings in teh bigbig baskit wif mennee handils*
    *piks up Mama Cat’s trubbils, wun atta tiem, an jentlee plaesis dem in teh baskit*

    Ohai, deer Mama Cat. Ai wishis wii cud jus taek dees awl farfar awae frum yu but *sigh* wii jus nawt alowd tu. *brytins* Haoebbur, wii wil defnitlee halping yu tu karree dem!

    *awl teh Cheezfrends cumin in, an eech wun stands neks tu wun ob teh mennee handils awn teh bigbig baskit, an smyols wif lubs at teh Mama Cat*

    Reddee, ebreebuddee?? Wun … tu … free … LIFT!

    *teh baskit, sew hevee wif awl teh trubbils teh mowmint ago, bees pikt up, lite assa fevver, bai awl teh Cheezfrends*

    Der nao, Mama Cat – yu jus goes ahed wif wutebbur yu niids tu duing. Wii wil awl bee heer wif yu, an wii wil karree dees foar yu. An ifn ennee moar trubbils cumin (noet tu CC: pls NAWT, ifn pawsiblol) den yu jus puts dem rite in dis baskit, an wii wil karreeing dem tu.

    *awl teh Cheezfrends karree teh baskit ob trubbils, an awlsew rap Mama Cat in mennee heeling beems frum der harts*

    • Ooooooh, iza berry, berry BIG baskit wif elebenty-bazillion handlols. Ifinkso dis handlol rite heer haz mah nayme awn it. Yupyupyup, Ai bii holdun awn reelly gud adn tite so dese trubbils nawt bii spillin owt. Fankees tu nicewitch fur findin such a wonnerfulmus baskit!
      {{{{{{{Awl teh Cheezfrends}}}}}}}

    • Oh, Nicewitch, tat iz teh nizest ting ennywun haz dun fur uz! i reeded tu mai dater in law kitteh, who lost teh bebbeh, an she criid, but she smyled tu, an sez tank u fur tat, tat maek her haev happitail touts, tat sumwun caer bout dis who nawt no her. sew fank u bery much, u have helped uz awl!
      an tu ebrywun who haz postified, tank u awl bery much tu, reedin awl des comments haz helpified wif teh lode!
      Mama Cat, hubby cat, Daughter in law kitteh and son kitteh

  9. Oh, MamaCat! pleez be tew heeling, cheezland always haz beems, tihs ai hab been told, an tihs ai do beleeb! Beems an beems an moar beems, an rest an git bedder, an let teh little cats be takin care uv yoo now! *verry verry jintol hedbonk*

  10. Hellow MamaCat and FamblyKittehs, I lifts my handol and it seemz not so heavy wen all the Cheezfrends helps to lift. Is a nice pichoor NiceWitch creates and we all benefits when help is offered to a frend. Your yeer must gets bettah from here I finkso, I hopes so! {{{MamaCat and Fambly}}} {{{NiceWitch}}} ***hedbonks and schmoos***

  11. Nots to wurry too muches, Mamacat. I noes has teh gall bladdur eeffer.
    It tuks sum tym, but nao Ai kin eets awl teh cheezburgers & peetsa Ai wants!! U no wants mai beems – Ai no hbs teh gud wons! 😦

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