Jeremy Haz Gud Nooz

Jeremy says:

Awesum lebel elebenty!!!!!1!!

/lolspeal off

Whoooo…*huff, puff*…oooooooo!! I got my bloodwork back this morning from the doc yesterday. Normal A1C is below 7, and I’m at 6.7!! Normal non-diabetic blood sugar is below 100, and I’m at 146, down from 293 in December. If I can get below 100 by the April checkup, the doc said I might be able to cut my pills by then. I don’t know if that would mean I would be almost diabetes free, but I can hope, right?! Soooo close!!

/lolspeak on

Yaaay!!!! Ai can haz cake nao?!


13 thoughts on “Jeremy Haz Gud Nooz

  1. Jeremy: dis be da bestest gnus ai hab seen todai. You’ve come sooo far and worked sooo hard. Keep it up and you will win da prizez.

  2. Good job, jeremy!! Wootwoot !!
    A small slice of cake might be in order butt(!)do not overendulge. My dad (my mom)controlled his diabetes for years by diet before he had to go on pills n shots. He is 80 years young.
    Take care n CC graces to u n urs.

  3. many conga rats to u!! Tell me ur sekrit!! Neber mine,I nos it “If it tastes good,spit it out QUICK!!” Keep up z goot wurk…

  4. OHai Jeremy, I jest founded owt about your hard werk to succeed and it sownds liek you know that focus on the goal and stickin to yer guns is the rite way to go! May seem liek a long tiem and a lot of werk, but the ooption is pretty pleh Ifinkso. Has a naice bean dip and veggie platter (Recipe: drain and rinse one can white beans, mash or blend wiv some lemming juice, some olive oil, a tiny bit of garlic and a liddol salt–yum!) and a slice of virtual caek!

  5. Dat’s wunnermus noos!! Gud fur yu an awl ur hard wurks!
    *starts plannin teh sillybrayshuns caek, wut wil stil bee rispekful ob teh daibeetees*

  6. Maik shur caik iz maid wif splenda nd just haz a smal wun. Yu haz dun a gud jawb wif da bludshugur but wil has tu be kerful awlwayz. Wurf it wen yu duz nawt has tu haz inslin shawtz.

  7. Jeremy,
    Nao, u knoze da anser 2 da kaek-connundrum…
    CONGRATULATIONS! x elebendy
    Exersize den mai-bee we’ll tawk aboutz splenda cheez-kaek…

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