Mittz Wantingz A Trayning Partner

O! luk wut landing in mai emayo frum Mittz whyle I wuz not paying attenshun!
Skyooz me pleas an thank yew! I kin mayk a ‘nownc mint? Ober da last cuplol uf weekweekweeks, I has had an idea dat I wanted to shair wif my cheezfrens an get sum opyn….upinion…upyn… to get sum thots on. I haz NAWT shaird dis wif frends in person becuz Iz just not 100% shur I wants to du it or nawt. NEways….Ai is finking about traynifying fur a haf marython! I noze I no can run dat far ryte now, but de haf marython I wuz finking uf is toards da end of 2010 so I has lots uf tyme to traynify maiself an my musclols. Haz any cheezpeep run a haf (or full!) marython befoar? I has only dun a cuplol of 5Ks but(!) I I haz a beeg X-sited ‘bout the thot of duing a haf marython. Thots???

An awlso – If I dus dis…dus anybuddy else want to trayn for sumfing wif me? Yew no has to do a haf marathon, just trayn for sumfing! Den we can be trayning cheezpeep pals?
*I now retern yew to yer reguloly schedyuled lol*


4 thoughts on “Mittz Wantingz A Trayning Partner

  1. Mittz—i don’t know for me but if it is something that has been on ur mind for awhile(ohh the weight of things on our minds!!) U probaly shud do it.
    I’ll have to think some more but iffen I don’t get bak to u: CC’s grace, lubs, hedbonx n schmoozes.

  2. Stranjlee, U intrest mii! ai startd running last yeer and seded Ai wud do a 10K, and tehn sudnly teh yeer was over, wif nufin to sho for it. Mebbe if ai had a traning partner? Defnitly wurf thinkng bowt!

  3. Ohai, Mittz,
    Ai’ma old laidee, but (!) ai’m inneressed in da Nordtrick Walkings tekk-nic, wif da poles, but (!) walkings aboutz for milols a dai (wifoutz da goggies, hoo jest wanta sniff da leefs, adn da grass, adn look-overthere, adn sew on…, witch we do inna morningz befurs werk). Ai koud b ur ground-support.

  4. Ohai, Mittz,
    Mai nord-trick wakkin-stiks caem inna snayle-mayo yestiddai, adn ai’m startin tomorro wif dem. 4 miolols ebbri-udder-dai. Hao ’bout u? Wad-u-doin? Traynin?

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