Sunny Preparez tu Drill fur Braynez

ohai! iz sunny heer…well, tomorry iz teh big day fur a hole inna tr0ll! we met wif teh surjon tooday, an…an! he wuz so impressed wif my knowledge uv teh tr0ll’s condition, taht he frew up hims hands an sed…”well, yoo are verry verry smart! yoo myte az well do teh surjery yurself!”…so…so! ai came home an lukked arownd…and! sure enuff, we HAZ teh teknolology! We hazza hammer, a chizzlol, a dremmel, sum BIG BIG saws, sum rags tew be soakin up teh overflow, an a cheezpeep map blankee taht 2minions gabe me fur catmus, tew be rappin him in after, so…so! am finkin, well, wye not? an, hmmm…izza sharp nyfe arownd heer sumware…no…no…nawt so sharp…
“sweethart?” “cud yoo be tweekin tihs blade a liddle? iz nawt too sharp…oh, yes, ai will bring teh stone…oh! fankees, sweethart, iz berrrry sharp now!” so! there we are!

okay, ai will let teh docs dew it…but! ai culd, yoo no? izza liddle lesion rite by teh top uv hims hed, an taht’s ware he’s goin in, an gettin a “lesion” (abcess!) won centimeeter big, an gibben it tew teh lab tew play wif, we will no sumfin in a week or so. an! teh doc’s assistant, he lukked at teh tr0ll’s hare? an sed, “well, no, we will nawt havta shave it, will probly just part it an cut down teh part!” So…an so! we are awl gud tew go! Schmooooz!


20 thoughts on “Sunny Preparez tu Drill fur Braynez

  1. Sunnyhuckle: dis more good guns todai. WOOT! Butt, you forgetted da mostest important part ob da sirjury: CHRG w/doi, adn chomkolit possums.
    My most heart felt beems go to you adn tr0ll. Ai haz all appendeges crossed and prayers are going out.

  2. Oh sunnyhuckle, iz most wundermust newz! i fink u best bee letteen doker du teh cutz, ifinkso, cuz u mus bee strong fur wen troll wakey up! gud luckz!! lotz ob beems cuming ur way!

  3. CC graces around u n urs at this time. U do have someone to go with u while u wayt, rite?
    Take care n God bless. There’s really not much I can say else. >^;^<

  4. finkin ob u bofe, sunnyhuckle, and pleez do nawt feel u has to go away from ICHC – eberybuddy understands u is havin a bery stressful time rite now, an teh Cheezpeeps is wunnerful peeps an wants to support you. You has nawt been mean oar nastee to ennywun, an dat is teh onlee reason we wants peeps to go away. Habin ur frends to support you through teh hard times is important, ai finkso, an reely, eberybuddy understands if u has teh occayshunul “hyperactive” momint! Plz to nawt be ashamed oar afraid. {{{sunnyhuckle}}} {{{tr0ll}}}

  5. Yesh, wot Martoonie sed! She be long-standing citizen of cheezland, so u bettur listen to hur! And BEAMS for u and teh troll and the surjohns, k? I keep mai feelurs crossed!

  6. Wii all nose U cud do teh brayne fixification (ifn U can speek LOL, brane sirjury is nuffin), but wy shud U do al teh wurk? Let teh dr finalee do sumfing.
    +++++beems on high for Sunny an her Troll+++++++

  7. Beemz and mor beemz from me and mah doggie (she noes awl abawt surgeries..). Extra schmoo! {Sunny and Tr0llhubby} We iz hopin ebberting goe smoovly and u gets big limitashuns on the worryosities.

  8. BEEMZ awn hye foar Sunnyhuckle adn hur Troll, adn foar teh Dr. Tinycatses hoo wyl du teh sir jury.

    {{{Sunnyhuckle adn hur Troll}}}

  9. Beriberi speshul thots an beems, Sunnyhuckle an Dave teh Troll!! Mennee Cheezfrends an mii, tu, wii carrees yu in owr harts, an wii sends speshul ‘smart an skilled an gud’ beems tu teh SirJohns. PS: Sunny, doant yu stae awae – oar wii wil cumin an fynd yu an bring yu bak!!! So dere.

  10. Deer sunny.. yu an the troll are bery speshul to us .. and wii ar wating an hoaping for gud news.. Beems made of luv an sunshine are heded ur wai in uncowntible numbrs..
    Ur nawt alone.. we luv u an wi ar R wif u in ur hart..

  11. Yu haz da dremmul, wut moar cud yu nedez? hwo hard cud it be? maibe a liddul spunj fur da dripz ub blud? Getz a gud nite slepe nawt secund.

  12. Oh deer sunnyhuckle, yu furgawt teh dukkytaype! I senz yu sum. Odeer, ai iz awl owt. Mebbeh yu shud letz teh dokktur du dis in lite ov teh dukkytaype shortij. Den yu kin ressed an reelacks befoar the afturcare stuffz kiks in. 🙂 Ai haz teh hi beems and teh prayurs on fur yu and teh troll. {{{{{{{{{{{sunnyhuckle and troll}}}}}}}}}

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