Don’t Furget Lardy Gras!!

Speaking of parties…

*microphobe feedsback*

Plz to rember not to forgetthat Teh Lardy Gras Celemabration is TOMORROW! (thurzday, Feb 18)

Whut: Lardy Gras is a combination celemabration of Collop Monday (a TTI pre-Lent thingy involving bacon. Bacon!) and Mardi Gras.

When: Mardi Gras means “Fat Tuesday” so we will of coarse be havening Lardy Gras on a Thursday. Thursday, teh 18th of Februrary to be eggsacked.

Where: Teh 3rd lol of teh day, at 9am Cheeztime. (This is teh 3rd lol of today, for reference.) Please to check teh Cheezland World Clock to see when that is in ur time zone. (NOTE: Cheeztime has changed zones recently, but teh Cheezland World Clock has been updatified to reflect reality as we know it.)

How: We will have fuds (not to worry; is not whut u gived up for Lent) and drinks and musics and stuffs. Mabye even pancaek races! U heard. Make a pancaek racer, kinda like a gingerbread man, and when teh lol starts plz to describe ur racer. We’ll let teh action go from there. No artifical enhancements, other than Bisquik. Teh judges reserve teh right to eat teh contestants.

If u would like to rite a song in ICHC style, plz do. We will be focusing on teh themes of TTI, Bacon, and/or Pancakes. So far we already has verzshuns of “Werewolves of London,” “Islands in teh Stream,” “People Are Strange” and a few moar. Plz to contact teh event Musiclol Misdirectifier, our own lovely or talented kimkiwi for moar informations about contribuficating a song, or havening a stall or other entertainment. U can reach her at kim_stewart at xtra dot co dot nz



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