Sunny’z Troll owt uv Sur Jury

  • ai poasted a update juss a minit ago, but iz awating moderation.

  • sigh, too tyred tew be rytin awl uv taht agin, will probably pop up eventually. iz tew bad, wuz very cheerful, funny, and amyoosing. iz probly cuz ai put my name as “teh gnu no-drama unhysterical cling-free sunnyhuckle”. ennyway, tr0ll iz fyne, lesion/abcess is in teh lab, awl went well. fankees fur awl teh kindness lass nyte and today, red a liddle uv teh cryer an responded tew a few, but teh leeky ize made me close it. schmooz, hedbonks, skritches, and luv. fankees. and…well…fankees. goodnyte.

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    12 thoughts on “Sunny’z Troll owt uv Sur Jury

    1. Oh, how wonnerful! iz bery glad tu heer it went well! i iz keepen u awl in mai touts, and sending beems and hugz! smooches tu!

    2. oh sunny, dis wun iz gud just how it iz, yor trOll iz owt ob sir jury an teh dr. tinypathologists kan looking at himz brayn absess, an yoo iz feeling better! taht iz gud enuff for now.

      hugs an schmooz to yoo an yor trOll.

    3. Yaaaaay! Wuz gonna post and ask if dere was any gnus, so dis was grate to heer! Go get some sleepifications, dear Sunny — Tr0ll is surrounded by beemz and so iz u. We cans heer details toomorrow. Missy Pumpkin the wonder dogue sends you happy healing woofs and wags.

    4. *sneeks into lab in teh weeee hours ub teh moarning*

      **looks arown an finds teh stoopy, stoopy eevil lesion/abscess**

      Teh stoopy abscess gibs a silent scream as teh Donkey LEEPS on it wiff a feerceness!! *$%^&brassinfrassinschtoopyarssfrappinlesionabscessgonnadiewiffaqwiknesssnurfleegrappinschnass^&*%* backkick! popdonk! stompy wiff a feerceness! skwish/stomp!

      *donkey grumbles unnur breff while hoofing teh schnasser frasser*

      In teh morning teh confuzzled lab wurkers will find wun verreh eggsawsted Donkey asleep on teh floor, an teh remains ub wun stoopy lesion/abscess fingy, all stomped and buttkicked.

      I feels a tiny bit better noaw.

      • *throws a litlol confettis onto teh the schmush kafleen has lefted, just to confuzzle teh lab workers a litlol moar, feels bad, clicks on their cofee-maker and slides owt too.*

      • dat wuz truly worthy of da golden shoes Ms. Kafleen. You are a wonderful don-key. Ai offurs da bestest waffles wif maple surple for dis heroic endeavour.

    5. Missy Pumpkin Pants the Wonder Dogue and her mom wundered if dere iz any pupdated info about owr Sunny and her Tr0ll?

      More beemz headed ur wae!

    6. I’ve been watching for updates and hoping to hear some gud nooz. Just wanted u to know that there are many cheezpeeps thinking about yu, Sunnyhuckle and sending gud wishes for ur dear trOll. {{{{{{sunny ‘n trOll}}}}}}

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