Pryzma Kitteh Still Trying

Dis b landifying  in mai emayoz tuday. 😀

Prysma heer!  Ai wants tu say sowree fur being arownd sorta irreglarlee… ai still fiting teh pleh depreshun demuns an teh lack uv wurk-ness.  Awn top uv taht, Seanya an ai being plagged wif puter an interwebs problems.

Haoeber, ai still finking uv mai cheezfrendz, an lubs yu!

A RL frend inbited me tu a wurkshop fur starting own bizniss, an nao ai gots ideeyas an hopefullness abowt teh feline harmonees.  🙂  Been tu nuvver wurkshop sinse an am going tu moar an finding useful fings fur halpings.  If ai can haz income fur supporting mai kittehs bai duing ai fing ai lyk, aifinkso it will halp muchlee wif making teh ‘preshuns go away.  Ai hoping tu du edjukayshunal fings tu, an bring teh collij-edjukaytid Cory-Bear tu halp me teech peeps.  😀

Ryte nao, fur Feline Harmonees, ai iz looking fur kittehs tu play-test handmaked toys fur fun an dura… jura… hao hard tehy be tu bork.  Emeow steph (at) felineharmony (dot) info fur detayls. (If yur hoomans can afford it, a lil donashun tuwards mailing costs wud be appre… apri… halpful.)

Cheezlubs tu awl!  {{{{{cheezfrenz}}}}}


6 thoughts on “Pryzma Kitteh Still Trying

  1. Wishing you the best of lucky and sucess!! The depressions seems to have a hold on a bunch of people lately, so don’t feel alone there. Many of us DO know how you feel. I respect your guts and passion to follow your dreams. I’m still trying to muster both those up. Beams of luck and good wishes to you! Say Ohai to Seanya for me, and I miss seeing you on ICHC!!!

  2. {{{{{PK adn Seanya}}}}} Hi beems fur pleh bad stuffs. Hi beems fur da workshops, lotsa gud discoberies dere. We all misses bof uv you on ICHC and comments. Misses Cory-Bear stories tu. Ai likes your gnu webie site – gud info. Just remememembers (like m&m&m&ms – can’t stop it), da spring iz cuming fast adn maybe dat will helps eberyfing.

  3. +++P-K+++
    job hunting must bii teh ultimutt in sukki-ness, ai nose from wrtched experiuns. Butt (!) ai also nose frum teh egg salad advice u gibd us on how to intro deuce a new kitteh into teh houselhold how smart and logiclol and thotful U r! Plus U r also nawt sitting arownd luking at yur paws, U r thinkng uv fings liek noo kitteh distraktifikatushun systums. Ai will be contacting U for sum for teh noo-b, wenever hii joyns us.
    Hang in dere, plese, P-K, bee caws wii bee leaves in U!

  4. Ohai PK! Iz finkin uf u n Seanya, n de kittehs!z hopz dat awl wil wurk fur U. Iz senin U beemz uf luf n lite frum ofa hea in Austraya. Wez bedda ask de CC an de Angels fur hlpifyin U. U tak Kare uf yousefz. Luf n Lite frum kittycatlion X

  5. 0hai pk!

    ai no can has kittehs, butt (teehee) iffn ai *kood* has, ai wood sain up fur de play-test ob yor tois AT WUNCE!

    as a fellow pleh-preshun faiter, ai want yoo tew know dat ai’z finkin baot yoo, n beemz r on HI fur yoo!


  6. Dear P-K, sending beams on high to you nd Seanya and yr kittehs. The day light iz coming bakk, so take heart. Good lukk wif teh workshops… and wif ebberyfing!
    {{{{{prysma-kitteh, Seanya, kittehkidlets}}}}}

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