Kat3Kets1Gog Needz Beamz

Moar emayoz!
O mai Cween!  Ai nawt b such teh regu– regul– allatyme poster awn ICHC an soe manny hour Cheezpeeps haz teh pleh latelee.
Howmevver,  ai haz humm bull rekwest furr ur Majestee.  Heerz a link frum Mah Srsous Blog tellin sumfin ai wood laik teh beemz an prarz for:
I can haz copee awn Cheeztown Cryer??  Fanku fanku!
All cheezes to u,
aka St. Blogwen

8 thoughts on “Kat3Kets1Gog Needz Beamz

  1. Haz a sawry, St. B! a big, big sawry. I donut pray (apologies to those who do, because I don’t know for sure which God to pray to, but…but! I do believe in a higher power, and, um…karma…and stuff)…well! fur teh last 24 hours I have been working on making deposits in my um…welll *blush* karmic bank, um, I (sunny goes back and deletes all the bragging about her good deeds)
    *oh, just shut up! sunny!*

    but the point was, that I have been working hard to make good deposits to the Bank of Karma, and, well, I would like for you to have them all, to help with your pleh..OK?…OK…? well, is all, and am hoping that you get healthful, and get well….and sending cheezland beems along with the Karma…OK? kthxbai!

  2. K3K1G,
    Hang in there. Your faith will lead you. I’m calling on my mom and her school teacher friends to beem you some help with the subbing (at least some stress let-up there). Subbing in itself can be the pleh. {{{{{K3K1G}}}}} Your medical help will be divinely inspired.

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