Medicine Assistance

Dis gud info b frum Griffyn.

Hi MJ –

I’ve only got a minute but wanted to let you know that the link that I referred to in an earlier posting: is a joint effort between many pharmaceutical companies to provide assistance to patients unable to afford their meds…it isn’t one company…it isn’t a fly by night scam…it is truly an industry effort to consolidate all the different offerings….in the past, each company had their own patient assistance program that covered their meds, but that’s all….and if even seemed as though if you played along with one company’s program you might be excluded from another…but I’m not certain about that.

What I do believe, is that this is easier to maneuver than all the other dozens of sites and resources….you’ve got one place to go to for help…you don’t have to surf around and spend hours trying to find what works for you…program that is…not speaking of meds and effectiveness here.

Anyway, I would love for the link to find a home in the Tea Room if you feel that limited finances might be keeping someone from getting the meds they need to get better….I don’t have much to offer, but I do think this is one of the best things that the pharm companies have done.



3 thoughts on “Medicine Assistance

  1. Yes I agree w/ the griffyn:cweenmj, lunamommy n upfi might want to check the site for ease of use n validation. Then see about adding it to ms floofytayls. I don’t take antidepressants at this time: I’m using SAM-e:it works for me. Butt(!) Still no motivation to get a lot of housework done. I’m looking into Bach Flower Essences(w for something for that.
    Griffyn’s link might help a lot of cheezpeeps who cannot afford needed meds otherwise.
    Just sayin!

  2. Fanku ur Majestee an Griffyn (en dat or dur sinz Roiallty allwaes combs nawt sekkond aifinkso)! Ai dunnoe if ai needz teh presscribshum medz affer mah Sir Jury butt (!) iz gud 2 noe dis iz dere.

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