Mama Cat Tells a Story

Dis story came tu mai inbox tuday!  Wut a lubblee surprise!!!

Mai Queen, I hope you does not mind, but I have tolded a story about a different part of Princess Mu meadow, that I thinked needed to be tolded to. It is my favorite part of the meadow, so I finked I needed to tells about it. Here is mai story, but not in lol speak, can’t lol speak dat muchies!
Mama Cat

I must tell you about yet another part of the Princess Mu meadows, a part where cheezepeeps don’t go very often.

Down at the far, far, far end of the Meadow, there is a large section of very wild forest. The trees are big, and it is dark and shady underneath. If you find a very narrow little path, that wanders in and out, all around the trees and gooseberry bushes, you will finally come to a small meadow.

In the wooded part of your journey, you will see big oaks, broad maples, and tall Hickories. You will also see elderberry bushes, and gooseberry bushes, black raspberry bushes and dogwood shrubs. In the meadow you will see big and little blue stem, clover, compass plant, and sunflowers. Asters and nettles are off in the corners, while bedtick pops up here and there too.

In the wooded part are little dirt mounds, about three foot high, with little paths leading up to them, and in the hole at the end of the path, if you bend down and look, are little eyes, looking up at you! Very startling. But when you look up, you notice there are eyes looking down at you, too! Even more startling!

In the meadow, if you set very, very quietly, you will soon see little and big shapes moving around. Here are the deer that have been loved by someone, who fed them or cared for them. Pet raccoons, wild rabbits that had been cared for, even some squirrels and chipmunks, groundhogs and ferrets.  Down in the far corner is a lake, and there be many swans, geese, ducks and other otters there, playing and splashing with each other. In the lake is a very large goldfish, whose name is Pi, who lived to be six years old! And was very loved by her family. She helps care for the pet fish, turtles, crabs, and other water animals when they first come to this part of the Meadow.

One of the raccoons is named Rascal, and he loves when Mama Cat comes to visit, for he climbs on her shoulder like he used to do, and they walk and walk, with him sitting up, hanging on to Mama Cats ear, just like he used to do when Mama Cat was such  a little girl.

The deer come out, very shy, but one little fawn comes right to Mama Cat, she knows Mama Cat and her family tried everything they could to keep her alive when her mama died, but it just wasn’t enough, and she remembers Mama Cat crying when they buried that little tired body. She is happy with her new Meadow body, and Mama Cat always has some apples in her pocket to be nuzzled out.

Chippers the Chipmunk is given a carrot, and even the little turtle with no name has a piece of lettuce in that ever deep pocket.

The silly little possum that Mama Cat named Tiny comes tottering out, looking for his handful of cat food, he never did grow, but here, it’s okay. He grins when people come to visit, and some people are put off by all his sharp pointy teeth, but he has never bit anyone, he just likes to smile!

When Mama Cat comes to visit, Sasha (her Siamese daughter), Charlie, (a BC that was not bad), and Missy, (her tiger stripes gleaming), all come to visit too, especially Pi, since they all knew Pi the best.

There are fallen tree trunks here and there, so peeps can sit and talk to their wild friends, and apple trees and berry bushes to everyone’s heart content. It is a place with lots of birds, too, including the little humming bird that just couldn’t quite make it one summer, that Mama Cats kittehs brought to her, to try and make better. He likes to perch on Mama Cats head, pulling hair now and again. The chickadees, robins, finches, and other birds Mama has fed all these years, they gather around for the seed that comes from that same deep pocket.

When it is time to go, it is getting dark, and the bats Mama provided homes and water for fly overhead as she makes her way back through the woods.

Life is okay, and it is nice to be able to visit old friends in the Wild part of the meadow.


12 thoughts on “Mama Cat Tells a Story

  1. Thank you so very much for this beautiful story. We have had a blizzard here (in Maryland), and I am worried about some of my wild friends and hope that as the snow melts, I’ll be seeing their paw prints again.

    This story just shows how big your heart is, and I’m so glad that this world has you in it.

  2. Oh, thank you so much. I loves the wild ones as much as the tame ones, and just couldn’t imagine the Princess Mu meadow without a section for all my wild friends too. We have some deer that come every single night to eat grass out in the yard, and have gotten so used to us that we can stand on the deck and talk to them, laying down in the yard not ten feet away. Our sons both hunt, and we do eat wild game, but we have always gave great thanks for all our food, no matter where it comes from, and though it sometimes seems strange, it works for us.
    I have a little raccoon now, his ears have been frost bit from the looks of it, and I don’t think he will make it through the winter. I just can’t let him eat cat food, not only can I not afford it, but it is not good for him. So, I put out fruits and veggies. You should have seen him last night, I fed the cats and he decided he was used to me enough to come out and try and get cat food. The cats weren’t that hungry, so I put their pan in the house and brought out some old bananas we had. He had such a look on his face! He was so disgusted with me, but he ate the bananas, lol.

  3. Oh, Mama Cat — bless you for your huge and generous heart! Thank you, thank you for looking after our wild friends, too. I teared right up through your story, happy tears that a kindred spirit made such a place for us in Cheezland.

    I hope that your little raccoon friend makes it through the winter. I’m certain you know what a raccoon’s natural diet is, but for anyone reading who is NOT sure: ” Though usually nocturnal, the raccoon is sometimes active in daylight to take advantage of available food sources. Its diet consists of about 40% invertebrates (insects, spiders, worms), 33% plant material and 27% vertebrates. Since its diet consists of such a variety of different foods, … the raccoon “may well be one of the world’s most omnivorous animals”. While its diet in spring and early summer consists mostly of insects, worms and [meat] available early in the year, it prefers fruits and nuts, such as acorns, and walnuts [which] represent a rich calorie source for building up fat needed for winter. …raccoons eat … birds and mammals only occasionally, since they prefer prey which is easier to catch, specifically fish and amphibians. In the northern parts of their range, raccoons go into a winter rest, reducing their activity drastically as long as a permanent snow cover makes searching for food impossible.” The basic advice is NOT to feed them; if they are in trouble, get them to a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. Best foods: nuts, insects & larvae (maggots, crickets, etc.)

    • Yesh, bery gud info, ifinkso! We do nawt feed teh wild ones, cept for carrots and apples left out fur r deer friends and coons and possums, and sometimes they have raspberries on sale and I will get some of them. There is enough wild woods around us they can find food, but they liek the cat food, which is NOT good for them, so we have to keep an eye on it, lol. The bananas were goin in the compost pile anyway, so he could have got them out there, but I wanted to make sure he understood that all we was getting on the deck was that, and not cat food! Oh, the look on his little face when he could smell cat food, and he knew it was there just five minutes before, but now there be only plah icky banans, lol. I think he will make it, he is not skinny skinny, just a bit thinner than normal. I keep an eye on all my babies out here!
      Tank you for the good info!

  4. Dis sownds laik a place ai imagined on February teh 15th on teh Iz a fistful of cute lol. It came frum a dreem ai had when my uncle died at teh end uv January. Ai has copied it below acuz aifinkso we imagined teh same place in Mu Meadow, and that givez me teh gooseybumps.

    “*plz eggscyooz teh no lolspeak, but I rote dis foar maiself to mebbe eez mai hart a liddl, an wanted to share*

    I once had a dream a few days ago that I was in something like Mu Meadow. It was warm, with the sultry smell of daphne lingering in the air. I walked along the wooded shore of a deep lake as the sun set, fiery, yet soft, casting a rosy glow over the trees. It felt like home. Then I came around a corner, and I saw my aunt and uncle and I could see that they were both looking young and perfect and terribly beautiful, and it dawned on me that the three of us had been in a car accident together and that all three of us had died, but I was still clinging to life. My aunt hugged me and told me I had to let go, that there was something amazing to look forward to, and then I found myself lying down, frozen, and people were gathered around me, worried. And I could see in my mind’s eye the most beautiful sunset and feel that wonderful things were just around the corner.

    So I laughed to let everyone around me know I was happy I was going to a better place. Then I was standing with my beautiful aunt and uncle by the lake at sunset, and I saw my mom. And I was so happy to finally see her again, and it wasn’t at all bittersweet; it was as though she’d never left me.

    Now I’d like to imagine that this place is right next to Mu Meadow. If I had walked a little further in, arm in arm with my mom, I would have seen my grandpa and grandma, sitting on a mossy log, holding hands. They’d smile as I walked by. A little further on, my cousin would be there, too, playing fetch with one of the dogs that somebody carried in their heart to the meadow. At last the dappled light of the forest would give way to the brilliant sun of Mu Meadow, where fields of lush grass and bright flowers are lovingly tended by the cheezfriends who come when their burdens are too heavy to carry, when their hearts are too full, and let their heart friends and family come out to play. My mom and I would walk out from under the canopy of trees into the meadow and see my best friend, Meagan, so happy to be playing with all the kittehs, my Tigger kitteh, greeting me with his tiny meow, Flipper the hamster chewing on some grapes to her little heart’s content, and everyone, everyone we’ve lost, and everyone we carry in our hearts frolicking somewhere in the distance of this beautiful place.”

    Ur descripshun iz so beautiful. Fankee for sharing it wif us. It sownds like wut ai felt in mai dreem. I hopes u no yu iz surrownded by frends. {{Mama Cat}}

    • Oh, this be a lovely place! I think it be not too far from teh wild part, and sounds like a area I would like to visit and see my grandma and grandpa, cause they would love that type of area. I think you need to put that area in the Princess Mu meadow too, the meadow is so big it can contain all the areas we can think of, ifinkso! Tank you for sharing it with us, it is definitely a place I shall visit!!!

  5. Aww, MamaCat — that’s such a lovely story. I never knew that part of the Meadow was here.

    Do you happen to know if there’s a baby (less than a week old) raccoon named “Mumble” wandering around? He was abandoned by his mum & we tried to save him long enough to get him to some professionals, but he didn’t make it. We were giving him KMR (as was recommended online — this was years ago, though). He used to love to hide under my long hair at the nape of my neck or on my shoulder. He was very sweet. I hope he’s enjoying himself in the meadow with the other raccoons & assorted animals!

    • Oh, hi nightshayde. Yes, Mumble is there, he is playing with Rascal one and Rascal two, the two babies I tried to raise. Rascal three we were able to get big enough to turn free, but the first two, they didn’t want to be here no more. So, nows they play with Mumble, you should see them all rolling in a all on the meadow floor, and they tries to catch the fishes too!

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