Tea Room Update

Thankz tu alla peepz fur deh warm response tu Miz Foofytaylz Tea Room.

Deh Tea Room is a place for Cheezpeepz tu kum wen dey b fiting deh ebil depression oar anziety oar uzzer such problemz. Oar b deeling wif lubbed wunz hoo b habbing deh problemz.  Peepz kin kumming heer tu finding deh kumfort uv tea and sympathy.  I know dat peepz kum tu ICHC fur deh frenz and kumpassion, but deh Tea Room b a speshul plaice fur wen dey b habbing deh overwhelming “AAAARRRRGGGHHHH” dat dey not want tu airing on ICHC.   Dis iz for peepz wif reel, serious issuez. Itz fur peepz hoo iz on, oar mebbee shud b on, medz fur deh hedz.

I haz several peepz hoo b halping mii az “lissenerz”…..  Lunarmommy, Upfi, Collegekitteh and Nicewitch.  Nicewitch b kinda bizzy IRL, but shii will b halping owt soon. If ennywun else wud like tu b a lissener, plz tu letting mii noez.  Wii eech making a post wen wii b online so dat deh peepz noez dere b sumwun lissening.  I prefer dat deh lissenerz b peepz hoo b habbing deh nawt sekkund hand experience wif deh mental helth issuez, but it nawt b necessary.  Just b willing tu lissen and offer deh kind werdz.   Wii am not so much dere tu offing advice, as wii are to b offering deh sympathy and unnerstandingz.

Ennywun kin stopping bai fur a cuppa tea, oar to be halping owt ennyway dey kin.   Fankeez.


9 thoughts on “Tea Room Update

  1. cween, did I ever give you that feedback you asked for? My email box was crazy and I don’t know. If not, I am so sorry. I looked here and was VERREH impressed, and I grow to be more so.

    I would love to listen sympathetically and be a listener, and I has teh furst hand experience, and teh schooling in teh such fings, butt I am afraid I might be a little TOO far out there, LOL. If you disagree, email me persunally. I sure do lubs to gibs teh hugs and lubs and lots and lots ub sympaffees!!!!

    Schmoos and donkey lubs, yer DawnKey

  2. Fank yoo fur doing tihs fur us awl. Sumtiem ai will be bisiteeng teh tee ruum, lukeeng fur uh lissinur too be lissineeng to mai ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH. Awlreddy feelz gud to noez tehre beez uh plais too goez fur tihs. {{{tee ruuum lissinurz}}}

    wkm & Maya

  3. Cweenmj–sorry, I was english major in college(manymanymany years ago) and so lolspeak is difficult for me to write altho not often difficult to read.
    I am humbly offering to b a listener n the tea room. I’ve mentioned in a few other posts w/various persons some of my background experience of depression(my self) and terminal disease(my husband).
    If you think I might b a helpful listener please to leave a msg on my profile: I won’t be on real computer til tomorrow nite to check that but otherwise I get email on my smart(duh)phone.
    Lubs n schmoozes,

  4. Oh… Guud-Kwwen-MJ… Pleeze to be allw… alawi… asseptin meh to teh tee ruum fur to be halping teh peepz wif teh Pleh!!! Ai iz hazzinga boi wif teh Pleh adn a bitto teh pleh mahself in teh weentur tyme…

    Ai weel be reddy to be halpifyin teh cheezpeepz wen tehy haz teh mow-mintz of teh AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!



  5. Itz mite beez unushualz foar a tomcattipepersonz too oferz halpz, but I bin fru ovver ten yeerz ob swoppin from przacks too mirtazipine,amytryptithingee an a phew moar medz.Ibee loats betterz nao,fanks too mai wife/ferns/lubber, hoo halped mee fru de reelee bad tymez.I’m verry eezee too tok to an nebber kritycyse, so ifz yooz fink I kood halpz letz me bee noings.Hugz frum Snoops27.

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